Tow hitch exporter bug

I noticed that when a vehicle with a tow hitch is exported to beamng, the node for the hitch moves very high or to the ground when it is conected to a trailer that is too heavy (1500kg ish). Is this an issue I can manually fix with simple node values or it more complicated than that?

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This is what it does as a visual representation

Don’t put too heavy a trailer on. You’re welcome :rofl:

Makes sense but it’s no fun pulling only 1000kg though. I may as well put one of my friends on my trailer and drive around in real life.

(Edit: I have no friends.)

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2 1200kg trailers on two different trucks exported a few days ago (top) and when the tow hook was added (bottom) after a 30 sec drive

Not sure if you can see but the trailers were both scraping the ground.

Just had a play with a low-weight work vehicle I’ve got. Towing a large flat-bed down a hill, after a couple of jack-knife incidents, the hitch node had shifted not just down to ground level, but almost all the way to the left side… you haven’t hit anything while driving, have you?

I haven’t. I noticed the hitch node shift as soon as I would attach it to a trailer and after I would accelerate/brake hard.