Track Beasts

I couldnt find a thread dedicated to cars that are made for the track so i thought id make one myself
Introducing the Brancaster Novatrack. Is cool, uses a legacy body and somehow looks good


Certainly a Lotus-like design, and one that could be remade on the '09 Mako body sets (both vanilla and mod) without much trouble, although you chose its predecessor for the fact that it is unlocked sooner (2000 instead of 2009, if body techpool is set to 0).

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me purposefully making it on the legacy body because I prefer it, only to be told it could be remade on the Mako body


I have a few track cars. All of my track-focused cars are either “Tuned by FST” or later, built by FST in-house.

The SSC 530

The 2013 Peregrine "Velocity Edition"

The light and simple RC240

The batshit crazy Caracara S

I try to make all my vehicles do well in Beam so I can enjoy them with my sim rig setup. These 4 do pretty well around Spa and Nurburgring, for instance. There are more but I don’t want to steal the show, let’s see what others have.

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