Transverse/Longitudinal in Model Designer instead?

Hi all,

Apologies if this post turns out to be clueless.

Currently the setting to mount the engine as either Transverse or Longitudinal is in the Chassis Designer, yet we choose which engine to use in the Model Designer. This means every model using that chassis has to be mounted in the same direction.

However, in real life, it seems like there are many examples of cars that have things like a version with an I4 mounted in one direction, and a more expensive version with a V8 turned 90-degrees to fit. To do things like this, we would need the choice for Transverse/Longitudinal to be in the Model Designer instead of the Chassis Designer. Is this reasonable?

I understand what you are saying. I see there should be a valid point in your suggestion. But, how many cars that get another engine in there, dont get a facelift? An extra grill/vent for cooling or foglights or a wing to make the car more appealing? Also, with a bigger, heavier engine, you might want to use different materials too, to reduce weight.

Have you got any examples?

The only example I know of was the MG ZT (nee Rover 75), FWD transversely mounted for most of it’s production run.
There was a Longitudinal mounted RWD version but apparently it was very difficult to do … power-385/

Well I guess I’m thinking that once the Tycoon part of the game is in, then we’ll have design and development time and costs for creating a new chassis. Right now making a new, yet identical chassis isn’t a big deal, but if the game thinks you’re assigning a design team to work on creating a new chassis, then it will become a huge deal.

I dont know of many cars that can transverse or longitudinal without extreme changes and or extreme cost.

Trifler, you can revise your platform Type1Trans the transverse chassis for example, then change it to longtudinal and save it as as a Type 2Long for example. And as USDMFTW says, IRL it probably costs a lot too and requires a lot of changes.

I know. As I explained in my last post, this would be considered making a new chassis in the tycoon portion of the game.