Trim & fixtures saving issue


As the title says, I’ve encountered an issue with trims & fixtures.

I made a 1950s car and made two trims of it. The first trim is from year 1950 and the second trim is year 1955. If I change the fixtures on the 1955 trim, the same fixture changes are applied to the 1950 trim and vice versa. Everything else seems to be saved properly. Engine, suspension, brakes, etc. It also manages to save the color correctly. It’s just the fixtures.

I’m on the latest public release build (not beta) on Steam.

Are the issues you’re getting similar to this?

If so, this issue was supposed to have been fixed recently, but it appears to have returned.

Yes, it’s exactly like that except it keeps my morphs and stuff. It just seems apply fixture changes if I use the car browsing button at the top when inside the car designer. Just tested to exit and use the main menu to access cars and it did not apply any changes.