Trouble with Rear Engined Car

I’m trying to build a rear engined sports car in 1948. I’m having a hard time tuning it because it has both 0.0 drivability and 0.0 sport. If someone can tell me what they need to load it I can upload the files for review.

Rear-engined cars typically start out very difficult to tune because of the weight distribution. You should start by making the rear tyres as wide as you possibly can, and the fronts relatively narrow. That may help you get some numbers on the board.

I still can’t get it to show any numbers for drivability or sport.

If that’s the case, in the car list, you select the model and click on the Export button at the bottom. Then upload it here and somebody can take a look (I can’t, I’m away from my running copy of Automation for now).

Here it is.
Car Model (88.8 KB)

Checked the car real quick and here are my recommendations.

1- Use a lighter engine. The reason why rear engined cars tend to oversteer a lot is due to the rearward weight distribution. Using a lighter engine should help the weight distribution a little.

2- Use smaller rims to fit wider tires at the back. In the early days, you are fairly limited in terms of minimum tire profile, so going down to 10 or 11 inch rims is often necessary.

3- Read this guide and tune your suspension properly: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3446

For a TL:DR.

Hard springs or swaybars at the front will create understeer, softer settings will create oversteer.

And the opposite at the rear end, so stiffer swaybars or springs will cause oversteer and vice-versa.

I managed to make it work. It’s now more sporty than my 4.5 liter front engine car.