True or False: Forum Game 2.0

So, it hit its 10K limit, and auto closed, so here’s a new one. It starts just 3 posts down

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Start a new one? Keep going with the idea that we’re on round two, and now we know there’s a 10k post limit.

I suppose we could, want me to just rename this post and start again here?

Sure. Answer the last post of the previous TNP and resume our regular scheduled programming, I suppose.


True. Never left bed yet so I am

TNP is happy we’re on T&F 2.0

True. Even though I’m just joining in.

The Next Person (TNP) currently owns a car with an engine displacement greater than 2.0L

False. 1975cc… :frowning:

TNP owns a motorbike of some sorts

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You bet :smile:

TNP believes in V8 POWA

Oh god why

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Don’t complain, it keeps the shitposters away from the rest of the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


@Detsikeulii false, lightweight

TNP is sub compact for the win

False, I don’t really like most subcompacts, they are usually boring. However some of the older ones have some charm.

TNP likes doing illogical things.

True, I enjoy putting V8 powa into subcompacts

TNP has a really slow computer

Tralse, I have but I don’t use it anymore.

TNP has experienced the awesomeness of 2-stroke torque curve.

True. Twice on a moped.

TNP has taken something that small faster than it was meant to go.

My go kart I guess. over 50 km/h with an engine meant to power lawnmowers.

TNP designs race tracks.


TNP was born in a cross-fire hurricane.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash

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And I howled at my ma in the driving rain.

But it’s aaaallll riiiiiiiight now, in fact it’s a gas…

TNP knows the above song is a TUNE.

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@DeusExMackia I used to listen to that song when I was little, but I have forgotten it. Can you give me the name please? :slight_smile:

TNP is forgetful.

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True, I think

TNP has doritos