True or False: Forum game

So, I encountered this on a different site.

Basically, you say something, such as…
“TNP (The next person) has a car.”

And, the person who posts after will either say “true” if it’s true or “false” if it’s false.

So a situation can be…

“TNP can make a 100HP out of a NA 1.0L 4-cylinder in Automation.”


TNP has a car."


Remember, TNP means “The Next Person.”

I’ll start it off.

TNP didn’t know that DNA stood for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.



TNP doesn’t know where the Isle of Man is.


TNP didn’t know i tend to use only N/A engines :laughing:


TNP is younger than 18.

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TNP Likes JDM cars.

True (one of my dream cars is 1990-95 Mazda Cosmo 20B - I like personal luxury cars, regardless of origin)

TNP lives in, **or **has visited New York

False. Only ever been to the UK, the UAE and Germany.

TNP has a car IRL with more than 160hp.

False :frowning:

The Clio I share has mighty 77 hp

The Next Person has visited Brazil

False. (Only been to NZ, Germany, Italy and UK)

The next person has competed in an Autocross


TNP has seen multiple continents.

False (planning to go to NY next year though!)

TNP has ever visited a race on a circuit

True - it was motocross though, not road racing

TNP has owned or driven a supercharged vehicle, factory or modified

True, 30 minutes of joy in a C6 ZR1.

TNP owns, has owned, or has driven a V12 automobile. :sunglasses:

False. Well, I can’t even drive.

TNP lives on New York like me :sunglasses:

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True! :smiley: (I was wondering when that would happen, haha)

TNP has attended at least one car show (spectator -or- participant) in calendar year 2014.


TNP likes Rallying

True! What kind of European doesn’t love rallying? :laughing:

TNP owns (or their parents own) a car that was made before 2000.

False, 2001 Focus :smiley: (Not the facelifted model though, one of the last '98 spec cars)

TNP played Automation multiplayer with me

False! I’ve only played like 2 or 3 multiplayer sessions but i don’t recall playing with you.

TNP has visited Austria.

True! Actually, just landed with my plane on return from Venice in Vienna, but basically thats Austria too. (If you dont take into account that behind the customs you are on neutral territory)

TNP owns either Granturismo or Forza Motorsport on Playstation or Xbox.