Trying to make a car fast

I only have the demo(i’m broke) so i’m limited to just a 4-in line NA engine, but i’m trying to make it powerful. 200 BHP+ preferred. Torque as high as possible of course but not neccesary. The only problem is i want a stupid high redline(revs are noice :stuck_out_tongue:) around 9k. Is that even possible with an inline 4 with cast pistons?

I was able to get over 600hp with all cast iron parts, na, and a redline of 9100, so it’s very possible.

up the cam profile, that will get you into higher rpm ranges

You can do it with cast parts but the engine won’t be happy!!! With good forged bits you could probably push it to an easy 10k redline without too much tech slider abuse.

Thanks! Problem is that i can only use cast parts because when i click forged it says i need to have a forge shop or something like that.

That’s only in campaign mode, which is far from being finished.
In sandbox you can use forged.

yeah its possible. Here is a little exemple of a tiny i4 1.8L engine with 216BHP, not that expensive to make :slight_smile:

PS:This engine was made using the demo version