Ttong heavy industries (Ttong Auto)

Ttong Heavy Industries (뚱중공업)-is a Korean corporation founded in 1952 by a group of household goods companies. In 1976, the Ttong auto division (똥오토) (Daewoo) was opened, and the first model was shown in 1982 and was called Ttong pride(Hyundai Pony). A very simple model with a hatchback body, rear wheel drive, carburetor engine and rear dependent suspension and front independent suspension. Already in 1984, the second model of the Ttong came out - a compact hatchback Cito(Daewoo Tico). It had front wheel drive but was a very small car. In 1987, the most famous Ttong model in the world, Ttong Topaz(Daewoo LeMans), was released. The car was created with the help of German engineers and had a simple but pleasant design. The cars sold very well until Ussus(Hyundai) appeared, which pulled the sales blanket over itself. Ttong had to create competitive products. In 1994, the Topaz upgrade came out, which was called Topaz II(Daewoo Nexia) - the interior and exterior were changed, airbags were added for the driver and passenger. In 1995, Topaz II began to be produced at the ChAZ plant in Russia, but then production was transferred to Uzbekistan at the UzAvtomobili plant, where other Ttong models were also produced. Topaz II was produced under the name Axio. In 1998, the production of a premium segment car aimed at the European market, the Ttong Nebula(Daewoo Leganza/Nubira), started. The car had a strange design for a premium. There was a torsion beam at the back and a MacPherson strut at the front. Two body styles were produced: sedan and station wagon. There was also a particularly expensive version of the Ttong Nebula Brougham, featuring two-tone paintwork and more expensive interior design. In 2001, the Baedal model came to replace the Cito. The car was not just a hatchback but also a convertible. The design itself was given by the Italians. In 2002, the Topaz II was replaced by the Tempo(Daewoo Lanos)-Standard Compact Budget Sedan. In 2002, Ttong Heavy Industries ceased to exist due to the production of illegal things that were banned in Korea, the head office was sold and the factories were closed. In 2003, Ttong was purchased by Gavril. The Nebula Brougham was immediately discontinued, and the Tempo and Baedal models (since 2010) were produced under the Gavril and Ttong nameplates at the same time. In 2010, the Baedal received a restyling, which is done under the Gavril nameplate and with a different engine today. In 2014, the rights to the nameplate Ttong and the name were given to the government of Korea. More Gavril did not have the right to produce a model under the nameplates Ttong. But in Uzbekistan, the production of the Axio and Baedal model was still ongoing. In 2008 the Uzbeks modernized the axio- new motors and appearance. It was produced until 2018, and since 2014 the car has been deprived of Ttong nameplates.

Ttong logo on Ttong Axio (2008-2018)

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Ttong Topaz(1987-1994) - standard compact Korean front-wheel drive sedan from the 80s-90s.
Equipped with motors of the ZET-tec 1.4 I4 line (75hp in the injection version and 70hp in the carburetor version) and motors of the UAI-tec 1.1 I4 line (51hp in the carburetor version) only 5-speed mechanics were offered for all engines. The design was created in collaboration with ETK. MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear. The sedan in Korea is considered a cult, and when it first came out it was considered the property of Korea and an indicator of what the country has achieved in the automotive industry in just 5 years. For the Ttong itself, the model was revolutionary - its modernization was carried out until 2018.

Front view

Rear view



Ttong Nebula(1998-2008)-a car produced by the Korean company Ttong from 1998 to 2008. With this model, Ttong wanted to enter the premium segment and the European market, but the car turned out to be unsuccessful in design. Under the hood could be six-cylinder and four-cylinder engines. The car was produced in sedan and station wagon bodies, as well as a more expensive version of the model - Ttong nebula brougham. In 2003, after the sale of the automobile division, the Ttong Gavril Ttong nebula brougham was discontinued and in 2007 the station wagon was discontinued and in 2008 the sedan



Nebula Brougham


A very interesting company, we hope to see more models!

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Ttong Baedal/Gavril Baedal/Ttong Flame-compact hatchback produced by ttong from 2001 to 2010 and from 2010 to 2014 (restyling) and from 2010 to the present day (Gavril Flame) the design was developed by the Italians but was transferred to the Koreans (dorestyling) the car was made in the back of a convertible (after restyling it became simply hatchback) the upper part of the roof could be folded. The car was produced in Uzbekistan and Korea. In Uzbekistan and in the post-Soviet space, it has become very popular. Nowadays, the car is used in food delivery


Restyling (Ttong Baedal/Gavril Baedal/Flame(prerestyling))

Gavril Flame (restyling)


Ttong Topaz II (1994-2002)/Axio (1994-2007)-modernisation of the standard Topaz. The car was equipped exclusively with injection engines, an automatic transmission also appeared, airbags for the driver and passenger appeared. The car was initially produced at ChAZ, but then production moved to Uzbekistan at the UzAvtomobili plant, where it is produced until 2007