Tune the Ryota 2 [Contest with win]

Hey guys !

This is the 2nd ‘Tune the Ryota’ Contest. This time with the Sharpshooter ! This time its not just customizing. You’ll have to make a car for the production. Just like that . Concept → Production car.


Customize the car , and the best one will win.

Don’t make a completely other car out of it! You should be able to see that it is still a Sharpshooter.

Don’t edit or post twice!

How do i have to post my result?

  • Upload Pictures of you car. front view and rear view are the most important ones. You can post as many pics as you want aswell.

-Upload your car Platform. You can find it here : C:\Users*Your Username*\Documents\Automation\Platforms then search for ex. ’ Ryota Sharpshooter.lua ’ and upload it

If you should win , you’ll get a PRIZE !

1st: You will get an Origin-Key for Burnout Paradise Ultimate box PC + your car into the official Ryota Thread + unreleased Ryota. (If you don’t have an Origin-Account , just make a new one and activate the game!)

2nd: You will get your car into the official Ryota Thread + unrealeased Ryota.

3rd: You will get an unreleased Ryota.

Additional information and help

  • End of the contest : 1st April 2014 [Date may change during the contest]

  • How to upload a file (your Ryota for ex.) Scroll down to the options bar.

  • just customize the platform . [size=50]but if you want you can also make your own engine[/size] :mrgreen:

  • Bodyshell editing not recommented. because you have to start a completely new car then.

Nuff’ said. here are some pics!

If you’re still having questions , just ask here , in the threat.

Have fun!

platform file : Put it into - C:\Users*Your username*\Documents\Automation\Platforms
Ryota Sharpshooter Concept - Rev - 0.lua (24 KB)

This is my version of the Sharpshooter, based on today’s market:

The major changes were on the front end; I tried my best to keep the sporty look of the concept, but adding some simplicity as well.

In the back, the changes were not as big as in the front; The lights were changed for something easier to produce, and the result is very good. In the low part of the back fender, a dual exhaust was added:

I hope you liked it!

Ryota Sharpshooter - Rev - 1.lua (22.3 KB)

Well done ! At least it looks better than all these audis etc :smiley:

Thanks! :wink:

I also made an engine for it: It’s a 2.4 aspirated engine, with direct injection and 173 HP. It’s small, but can still compete with other medium sized sedans like the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series:
HGE-1Rev1.lua (41.9 KB)

Nice one :slight_smile:

Here is my submission, the “pissed” off concept.

Top file is the model, bottom is the platform.
Ryota Sharpshooter Concept.lua (76 KB)
Ryota Sharpshooter Concept - Rev - 1.lua (21.5 KB)

Nice and interesting design! :slight_smile:

Ive alway had trouble with the back of these bodys, there so fat and bloated, lol.

My version.

Ryota Sharpshooter - Rev - 0.lua (30.8 KB)

Very cool design Razyx! It looks sharp and sporty. Great work :slight_smile:

That was really nice! I loved that car :slight_smile:

Alright, here’s my attempt! I know not all of you will like it but i don’t expect to win anyway, i do it mostly for fun :smiley:

I didn’t know exactly what engine to put in there, but since it’s about the body rework i figured it can’t be wrong in any case. So i put a beefy 2.5L I4T in there with nice torque and great efficiency:

the result is this:

So it does 0-60 in 6.1 secs and it does 35.7mpg if anyone was wondering what that fuel consumption is in mpg.

I’m done and i hope you like it :slight_smile:


Wow dat rear lights are incredible! I always loved you LED work ^^ good job :slight_smile:

I loved the front of your car, dude!

thanks to both of you ^^ those tail lights were quite a bit of work, as you can imagine :smiley:

Thanks guys!!.
It’s a risky design.

Centauri Performance Vehicles (CPV) would like to enter it’s bid.

We saw this design as a contender to the mid-sized luxury class and have outfitted it appropriately.

Included is a very smooth and quiet 7.5 liter v8 power plant.

Ryota Sharpshooter CPV.lua (77.6 KB)
7.5L XP 16V OHVRev0.lua (42.3 KB)
Ryota Sharpshooter CPV - Rev - 0.lua (30.1 KB)

WTF?! 7.4 Liter V8 engine? That must be a gas guzzler!

Actually I mislabeled it, I had revised it slightly and forgotten it’s a 7.5 liters, I’ve edited my post to reflect to reflect the actually displacement. Yes it’s a bit of a hog, it’s quoted in that car as 14mpg. I’ve revised that engine a bit and discovered I could have gotten up to 18mpg while keeping the 200mph speed, but that would be too much editing for this contest.