Turbo A/R ratio effects

Currently in the game if you choose a higher A/R ratio you’ll lose some hundred rpm of low end torque but get massive gains at the top, which is fine but in reality a high A/R means also a slower boost response, therefore shouldn’t it also affect the throttle response and drivabilty in game?

Consider the current turbo tuning setup as a placeholder until the revamp that’s happening in the future; I have no doubt your concern will be addressed in the process! :smiley:

Well, the A/F ratio does affect the throttle response in game…

And the A/F affect the torque curve… which is used to calculate sportiness and comfort (but no drivability)

What would be interesting: to see if the throttle response effect is still there after you adjust all other parameters to achieve the same engine power with both A/R settings.

Currently the A/R setting works a bit funny; if you build a very high-powered turbo engine you will get the best boost graph and performance by using a really small turbine with
a very big A/R ratio. My best engines have 3:2 compressor/turbine ratio with an A/R of 1.2-1.3. IRL small turbines are fine and usual, but A/R ratios don’t match. Road car
turbos typically have A/R ratios between .045 and .07 which is far from how it works in the game right now. But as said, this will surely be fixed on the FI update.