Turbo restrictions

Why are there restrictions to turbo size and what they can boost?

i have a b16a2 a 1600cc engine with the bore size 81mm x 77.4 in real life, 60mm compressor on the turbo and it can boost as much as i set it to, why can’t we do that in the game?

in real life you can have a 4cyl engine that is 84x77.4 bore over 1000hp you can’t come close in this game

also one other question will you be adding fuels like e85 or even race gas to the game?

B16A with 1000hp? really?

i know they how loads and loads of potential, but not that much

Saying you can boost as much as you set it to makes no sense. There are many limits, be it airflow or just physical limits of the engine. Sure, a B16 could be built that would handle 1000HP, but by that point it can’t really be called just a B16 anymore.

It would also be hugely expensive and be massively impractical, and that 1000hp 1.6 (or whatever it ended up being) isn’t going to be much use in a car tycoon game where you want to sell it to people. Not many people are going to want an engine that is incredibly expensive, only runs on very high octane fuel, has huge service costs and is highly strung.

Don’t get me wrong, the ones that exist are impressive, but it just wouldn’t make a lot of sense in the game scenario.

The game is called “Automation - The car company tycoon game” for a reason. Its about a car company… not about a tuning shop with totally unpractical cars or a engine tuning tool for über-tuning…

Its cool for you that you can have a B16 with 1000hp, thats really really nice for you. But has this engine ever made into a production car or even in a protoype car? I guess not. Its too expenisve, too unpractical and it will end up exploding sooner or earlier.


i knew that this would be the answer’s BUT i just took that for an example, i know that this is a typhoon game but
i just can’t see why there would be restriction on this, i can’t see what’s is wrong for us to put a 72mm turbo on a 1600cc engine,

i know for a fact you can make over 1000 hp on a honda b16 engine but sure it’s overbore but it’s still a b16 block, and why say “This is a typhoon game and that’s the reason”

i’m just asking why there are boost and turbo size restriction, i just can’t see why there should be a restriction no one will use a big turbo on a small engine when running a company but when you want to have fun why not?

i use an example an b16 stock bore,stock sleeves with fully built bottom and a holset hx40 60mm turbo and it was easy to make that thing boost to around 1.9bar

and that was just with the setup i had if i added bigger wastegate i would go alot further than that

Did the 1000hp B16A come out of the factory/car company? No.

We had no size restriction in old beta builds, didnt play good, and no car manufactors in the earth would do it. Not even mad Paganis or even madder Koenigsegg… easy Reason: Too high service costs, low reliability and massive manufacture costs.

Read what i just wrote,

i’m just talking for fun, and asking why there are restrictions…

you don’t get anything bad out of this just fun if you want to have fun

the thing is you are looking for a realistic game and this is not very realistic if you can’t even hold 40psi after 6000rpm on one of those motors :smiley:

No-one is having a go at you. You can still make mad turbo engines in the game (even within the restrictions), way beyond reason of what would be useful. Take a look here for example.


the thing is you are looking for a realistic game and this is not very realistic if you can’t even hold 40psi after 6000rpm on one of those motors :smiley:[/quote]

That comes back to the point again though of the engine being realistic to be able to be sold. You can still have fun and make daft engines like that, but with an MTBF of about 3km and service costs that would need you to mortgage your house, it’ not going to be a realistically useful thing in the game.

guys, turbo make miracles. Today any shoebox can reach 1000hp so much easily using turbo (or multiple turbos).
But like some people said this is a game for normal cars. Somethings are unnecessary because normal cars dont need to reach high power (500, 800hp) using small engines. If you wanna a powerful engine you need a bigger one. And power is a weight against durability. You need a balance between.
I hope they create a DLC for racing engines. So we will get a lot of fun :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: