Turbo Screen

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what happened to the Turbo graph went? It would show theoretical and practical boost curve. but after this batch it’s disappeared for me, and it doesn’t even show when i click the “information panel” arrow.


Sorry but Batch? (I know you mean patch)

The Batch is B151211

I didn’t mean what patch it is…

Public Release (B151208) the latest.

The turbo preview graphs were taken out of the game as they are no longer as useful as they once were considering that you are only ever a few clicks away from seeing the actual results of your turbo setup instead of just a rough preliminary and often misleading preview graph. With the live update of engine stats in mind and seeing how much trouble the turbo preview is to maintain, we decided to take it out. Use the torque curve and the boost curve in the “finished engine graphs” to optimize your turbo, that is the far superior method.