Turbos in game

Anybody know why Turbos are unlocked in 1975, apart from it being for the campaign, turbos were used a lot early than that, so why do we have to wait till 1975 too use turbos

Turbos were indeed invented in the 60s as far as real-life cars were concerned, but they didn’t take off until the 70s, hence the fact that they aren’t available until 1975 in the sandbox mode.

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I’m pretty sure you could count all the times turbos were used on road cars before 1975 on one hand… things unlock in automation based on when they started to become widely adopted for road car use. Just because there’s an oddity that adopted a technology early doesn’t mean it should be available for wider adoption.


iirc the first turbo in car production was the BMW 2002 turbo, from 1973, it wasn’t a thing before the the 70s.

The 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Spyder had a turbo charged flat 6 option available.

Also the Oldsmobile Jetfire (Cutlass)

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Americans made many unsellable messes over the years so technically there’s them.

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Just following the link, we can read stuff like

"Ultimately the Jetfire engine was far ahead of its time. With forced induction and an already high compression ratio the Jetfire was capable of producing more torque than a naturally aspirated engine that was twice its size, significantly improving the engine’s efficiency and usability in real-life driving conditions, turbo lag not being an issue at motorway speeds. But since turbo and supercharging the engine essentially means forcing the compression in the combustion chamber even higher, the Jetfire was prone to ‘spark-knock’ and without modern engine management systems the only way to mitigate this was to use a 50/50 mixture of methanol and distilled water. "

I think it is safe to consider this was not a car-production ready technology.
(another page described the system installed to provide this mix in the car concluding “many of the turbo-charger installations being removed and a conventional 4 barrel carburetor and manifold installed in its place”)

If it was available in 1962 in automation, everyone would use them in 1962 because the game cannot represent these issues, their effect on market etc.
It could be added with a terrible usability score associated, sure. But that would surely add a layer of complexity - requiring probably to add a concept like “preview/future prototype technology” that you might want to use in a few chosen sports cars, or some variant.

Even the Garett wikipedia page mention as “the first turbo for a non-sports car application” the 1977’s Saab 99.

Yepp, the SAAB was the first car with a “tamed” turbo.
Strange, because the wastegate was already used on the aero engines with turbo in the -40’s.

That was known 20 years earlier as MW50.(Methanol Wasser 50/50)
A system that allowed German Fighter planes to use the highest setting
on the compressor at very low altitude. Thereby out running the Allied fighter planes.