TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 3): Futuristic Offroaders [Submissions Closed]

TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 3) : Futuristic Offroaders


(Timeline is somewhere in 2050s)

“Isaac… short pause … can you hear me Isaac?”

“Loud and clear, control”

“Have you been briefed?”

“Yes, control. I was told I’ll be dying soon”

“What? Long pause… What are you talking about Isaac?”

“I was told that I’ve been commanded to head towards the desert and the forests to collect ore. Failure to do so would result in taking away my license to breathe oxygen. And going towards those lands has been proven pretty much fatal anyway. So yeah, in short, I’ve been told that I’ll die”

“I… silence

“Why not just straight up say that we’re murdering you because you couldn’t carry out a few silly errands of ours, control? Why the bullshit approach of saying you won’t be able to breathe in the oxygen we serve you anymore?”

“Isaac, I know you’re pissed. I know this doesn’t seem right. But the higher ups are afraid, they really are. We’ve been running low on resources for years now. The only reason we have had enough supply of electricity and resources to mitigate our low production of them is because of our deal with Sterling City…”

“And I’m guessing Sterling City turned their back on us? How many people know of this, control?”

“As of now, no more than 12, including you…”

Long Silence

“So I’ll be travelling towards the massive desert that has remained unfathomed for years since that last… incident, to collect ores only found in the desert biome, and then travel further North towards the dark forests, which are now ridden by those failed bionic humans and animals experiment things, to collect Eternalynium*. I’ve been given, what seems like, sparse arms supply. And most importantly… I’m going lone wolf. Do you guys actually expect me to return alive or do you just want to kill me off… for whatever reason?”

“Isaac, you must understand that we can’t just let anyone know of this! You are an elite officer of the higher ups, who has had years of experience behind the wheels and has scoured through these deserts and forests back in the days”

“Back in the days, control, now things are different. You guys have only made things worse, while promising a better future. Look where we’re at now! Thriving for resources and giving everything our last shot because the only other option is death of a whole city! This is not what we were promised, control. We can’t even let the citizens know of our situation because that might cause mass hysteria and riots and chaos. The people have endured enough, the last thing they need is a little push, to completely lose their minds and start killing each other off to survive”

“I know… Isaac. I know. But our city is in great danger, and we need your help.”

Another period of long silence*

“Just give me my fucking vehicle already control, stop delaying my operation. And how would I even carry enough resources in my vehicle to power an entire city?”

“About that, Isaac, your standard issue vehicle was deemed unsafe for this operation. So the higher-ups have decided to offer you a new vehicle. Something more sturdy, more able and most importantly, something that can keep you safe inside it. As for carrying the resources. Once you collect as much as you can carry, return back and drop them off around a pick up point where our drones can pick them up.”

“Well at least they’re trying to preserve their manpower this time, instead of you know throwing whatever they have away like they have an infinite supply of everything? And what piece of shit drones have you crafted in the last 10 years that they can’t even cross a few hundred kilometers?”

“Are you finished?”

“Not until I see my car!”

*Eternalynium: some fictional earth material found in forest biomes

Well, you’ve read the premise. Some well renowned studio is making a movie featuring a character named Isaac, a veteran elite officer, who has been given the duty of collecting resources from dangerous lands and beyond in order to collect resources to save the city from falling into bits. The movie is being made in 2020 and will be released next year. So the year of this challenge is 2020, however the aesthetics should be matching with something that goes with 2050.

Now they’re looking for a design studio that can design an offroading vehicle that looks on par with the timeline. Your job, as a designer, is to design a car that follows the aesthetics of genres like:

  • Cassette Futurism
  • Outrun
  • Cyberpunk

You could go for either one of them, or you could do a hybrid mix as well. Whichever you find suitable is fine. Going Retro 80s futuristic is fine and so is going bat-shit crazy Cyberpunk 2077 style futurism as well. It’s all about how you interpret the future might be.

I won’t be directly saying what kind of stuff to aim for or what stuff to add to your entry. I will however provide a certiain guideline to follow.

  1. Read the damn brief! People don’t seem to read the brief. As a result they miss the point and submit an entry that makes absolutely no sense. If you’re too lazy or busy to read it, plop the text into an online reader and make it read the brief for you.

  2. As I’ve written, this is no small studio making the movie. It’s a studio of great renown and they have a very high standard of quality. So make sure not to half ass your entries.

  3. Our protagonist, as per the brief, is an elite officer who has seen some shit and is a veteran when it comes to vehicles and excavation. A few visual fixture/design stuff that make them look like utilitarian features or conveniences would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Be as creative as you can, there’s no limit. As long as your design looks good to the naked eye, I don’t care how avant-garde or over the top it is. If it’s good it’s good.

  5. Let’s talk about the internals. It’s basically going to be like the Tumbler you see in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It’s a sleek futuristic design outside, but an already existing car underneath the shell. So make sure to put internals that keep the car on par with 2020 offroaders. It doesn’t have to be a no-fuss hardcore offroader with everything stripped out and solid axles, but make it decent. Bad figures or engineering choices that make no sense would result in :wastebasket:

  6. It’s mostly a design based competition, so I won’t be enforcing any ET/PU laws, there’s just so many routes you can take. Try not to, however, cross 75,000 Automation Pesos. If your car crosses a certain margin or is cheesed in terms of the performance / handling / offroadability figures, meaning that it’s not really that good on papers, it must look quite the part to make up for it.

  7. Again, since it’s mostly upto interpretation, no one’s stopping you from throwing in a bunch of fixtures around the car to make it look like a tool or machine, call it some sort of hi-tech gear and cheesing it.

  8. It’s 2050 in the movies and the world is kinda dying anyway, have fun making no-cat, no-muffler, noisy V8. It’s only going to please Isaac. Noisy engines is his kink.

  9. The premise I’ve set, hints towards a rather dystopian future, so keep in mind while designing the aesthetics of it.

10. Inspirational vehicles:



PS: no one’s stopping you taking one of the truck bodies btw :smirk:

  1. If you can manage your vehicle to be multi-part like @That-S-cop has, and which can be loaded into the photo scene together, go for it. This doesn’t mean I’m letting you complicate your entries unncecessarily or this would give those with multi-parts cars an edge, but if you can make it work, sure why not.

That’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll wait for the response. Do you think there are some things that I need to improve or state clearly? Is anything missing? Let me know!

I’ll wait 24 hours or so and if everything’s fine by then, I’ll set a deadline of… 10 days? Should be enough to design a futuristic offroader from scratch.

Submissions are open!
Submission deadline is 29th Jan 12 AM, GMT 6

I’m Extending the deadline up to 7th of February 12 AM, GMT+6 (due to CSR/CSC pressure mostly)
Have fun! And one more thing, RESUBS are allowed

Naming convention: Model/Family- TMCC3 , Trim/Variant: It’s free real estate


Added a pic of the Warthog

Changed 60k price preference to 75k

Added submission deadline


This brings to mind CSR88 - but with a strictly off-road theme. Mad Max meets Back To The Future, in other words.

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Coincidentally… you guessed exactly what my inspirations were for this round, alongside Cyberpunk 2077 and a little bit of GRIP (the game) as well. Educated guess though, I must say

Aren’t you forgetting someone?



Oh man, I mean, if you can recreate something like the Warthog in Automation, go for it! I’ll gladly accept it

Edit: If it wasn’t clear, I’m open to a wide variety and range of submissions

So who’s using the Cybertruck body?

Attention Attention

A few things about the technical judgement of this round:
I will be mostly looking at only 3 stats ( Price, Drivability and Fuel consumption only if it’s stupidly high ).

If you’re using a body that’s not really kind to one or more of those stats, I might give you a pass just don’t try to abuse it.
Drivability is good as long as the figures don’t drop below… Idk 20?

You can make the tyres as huge and chonky as you want to match the look of your car. Yes yes I’m great now with that I’m off to bed again.

PS: try to make a decent engine I’ll deffo look at the engine

Forgot to announce but… Submissions are open!
Submission deadline is 29th Jan 12 AM, GMT 6


Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories and Marksman Design presents
The Comet-Bar RiftVhaun.

Basically a Semi Futuristic Unimog.

Finer details

High Capacity Fuel tanks, This thing consumes Fuel like a Big Truck,because it is a big truck
If you are worrying about Fuel range… It’s fine… there should be enough fuel in the tanks to travel around Aus via the Off-road tracks with only one stop
They also have a touch of Impact protection.

Button operated Sliding Entry Ladders, This thing… is a Big truck, with an emphasis on Ground clearance, to combat the issues of having to get into such a tall vehicle, we have Ladders that come down to an acceptable height, they may also be Remotely operated via one of the Receivers on the Roof of the Vehicle.

Port Mounted Items Crane and Entry port with Sliding Capture pad, Being a Big truck, Getting larger items in via Ladder is a rather… unsafe maneuver, we have remedied this with a vastly overengineered single-pivot Crane. So you can safely bring up that Roast Turkey, SpitFire and Hog, Firewood, and possible other Items,

Kitchen Exhaust port, Yes… Reasonably sized Electric Stove and Oven in here, even the Kitchen Sink

Front Cluster, Containing: Front Winch, Illuminated Vehicle name, Long Range Radio antennae/Vehicle Boundary sights tis a wide boi and Lightbars.

Rear cluster, containing: Rear Winch, Air circulation/conditioning unit and Towing point.

Unmentioned, Roof Cluster: Cab Embedded Solar Panels, Camper-section Sunroof, more Lightbars, Snorkel, small Communications array, and BIG TRUCK HORNS

What's this?

Personal opinions of vehicle

This Behemoth of a Vehicle, yeah… Con 1, might be too big.
This Vehicle seems over-equipped for the Character. Con 2, Seems overdone.
This Vehicle… might be outdated in looks. Though it could also be a sign of a car that’s Troopered well for being such of a Well-built/equipped/used Vehicle.
This thing being all ‘Proven’ Comet-Bar Product and Sheet-work. Pro 1, Could be durable for a few Smashing Stunts, Does have a Workman-Bar on it.

First to send… nice… I’ve been working on this ‘car’ basically non-stop since the Challenge was posted.


Someone has been skipping the Axle day, eh?


Are you asking for a 6x6 RiftVhaun @ST1Letho?
or you noting the Game for not scaling bits relative to size.


  1. For all those who are interested, I’ve extended the deadline up to 2nd of Feb, 12 AM at GMT+6.
  2. Resubs for this challenge are allowed
  3. If you can manage your vehicle to be multi-part like @That-S-cop has, and which can be loaded into the photo scene together, go for it. This doesn’t mean I’m letting you complicate your entries unncecessarily or this would give those with multi-parts cars an edge, but if you can make it work, sure why not.

Katsuro Defense Industries Presents the X-1000 Miner

An all-terrain, all-weather combat transport vehicle… And yes, it has machineguns coz why not?

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I’m doing one last extension for the deadline. Bare with me here but I do need entries to do this properly. Deadline is 7th of Feb, 12 AM at GMT 6+.

@ST1Letho @Sky-High @Kubboz cars ples

Ack, didnt really want to but i guess i’ll explain it’s functionality so people dont go “wtf is that”

So, The T pose truck the Zephorus L Series Extension is based on the standard L series truck, but with an added habitation module.
The module that is connected to the main cab of the truck is reinforced by many struts and contains lot’s of storage for food, equipment and supplies. One might say it’s quite homely.
But the rest of the L series is far from that, with a Large I6 supplying nearly 500hp and 4x4 Adv Auto transmission this truck won’t get stuck, anywhere. With the front shaped to minimise damage from oncoming animals, scenery and anything else this thing can just keep going until you run out of fuel, but fear not! That’ll take quite a while with two of the large capacity tanks that come with the L series Extension. Other modifications included large roof lights and more reinforcing of the chassis.


Welp… here’s mine: the 2050 Armor Rumbler. I guess it’s a dystopian, future-past, suburban Mad Max… thing. Just hoping the movie production is looking for more of a star car than real world functionality lol.

It’s a laser drill up top.


2035-2050 Taimania Jinzo

I decided to go simple and small so it isn’t crazy like other submissions, but it’s quite affective.

Helios FreeRoameR Type-T UTV pkg

The Helios FreeRoamer is a foward control, modular utility vehicle built for pure versatility. Simply put, how you spec it out can completely change its purpose, from a van, a minibus, to all sorts of variations of different trucks. The one shown here is the Type-T with the Universal Terrain Vehicle package equipped. Type-T is rather self explanatory, being the Truck designation for the FreeRoamer.

Universal Terrain Vehicle package provides an extensive suite of offroad enhancements. Most noticeable perhaps is the lifted ride height and massive offroad wheels and tires. Equipped with controllable tire pressure and self healing tires, no terrain is an insurmountable obstacle. Intelligent all wheel drive minimizes wheelspin and gives just the right amount of power needed. Double level bed increases storage capacity massively, with additional storage units added onto the vehicle for additional practicality. Thanks to the foward control layout, despite the smaller size, the interior features both a driving and passenger seat, along with a small but practical living space. It is equipped with long range and satellite communications, making sure that even if you are truly in the middle of nowhere, you are still connected. And high powered roof lighting (both front and rear) make sure the way is shining with the power of Helios whereever you may be.

This particular model is equipped with a V8 making 380hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.


So the deadline of TMCC3 submission passed a few hours ago, sorry for taking the liberty of extending this competition to eternity but hey better to have a good number of entries late than finish it with 2-4 entries and judge among them.

Submissions are closed as of now and I’ll be finishing my judging within 72 hours or less. Thank you for participating :grin:


ONIHUNT Brawler : Wasteland Special

Because fancy tech cannot be relied on, and resources are scarce. Also, it just looks tougher


TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 3, Judgement

The day has finally come. After 2 extensions of the submission deadline, the studio finally has enough entries to go through and pick their car for Isaac, the protagonist. The director and the actor both are rather puzzled by the fact that why there are so less entries than they expected. Although, by the end of the judging round… they’ll know exactly why :wink:

Director Christian Kale and the main actor himself, Robert Browney, have entered the garage all the submitted vehicles are kept in right now. 7 entries, they count, all hidden under separate tarps to not ruin the surprise for them. They haven’t seen the entries to provide a completely unbiased judgement of the entries so not particular entry gets in their mind and they decide to take it before even looking at the others.

Judging begins!

DVM Pathfinder by @Petakabras


“Hmm, I feel like something’s quite not right already, just by looking at it…”

“The front would’ve been better off without those huge trans-am/corvette style headlights. The rest of the front is fine but the vents are kinda abruptly placed on the hood for something that should be sleek.”

“I Kinda liked the rear at first but the more I look at it the more I find all the flaws. Those rear side vents don’t really go well with the lines this car has. It’s a wedge, should’ve been sleeker. And I’m not entirely certain about the asymmetric dual exhausts of this car. If anything, the left exhaust might get punted by a rock when going offroad.”

“The side profile and the roof are kept rather simple and sensible. I actually like it from those angles. Overall I’m not actually sure where this is going with the design. It has retrofuturism plastered all around it, but then there are bits that definitely don’t look sleek or appropriate for what it is.”

“Yeah the rear lights really don’t make sense for a car like this. Those turbines and fans look pretty dope but I’m not sure how much air that rear mounted intercooler is getting while sitting behind that massive… red colored winch…”

“Ah yes the car under the shell is not very promising either. Twin Turbo V6 which has redline power cutoff, the curve is quite daunty for offroading, there’s almost no coherence with some of the decisions taken and it has a 6 speed sequential gearbox.”

“Yeah I don’t think this car’s gonna make it to our list, Kale. It has some really interesting pieces but they’re executed rather poorly. Perhaps with experience, they can craft it better some day.”

Not considered for the movie.

Taimania Jinzo by @desperatedonut5


“Hmm, I thought we said something about not literally dressing the car up in neon lights then calling it a day?”

“That’s what I’m thinking too, it looks very underdetailed without the neon lights… in fact it looks like every other miserable looking CUV of this age.”

“I agree with you on that. It’s just their standard CUV of this time, dressed in some sleeker looking lights, neon and literally nothing else, I feel like. It’s not exactly coherent with what’s under the body either. And damn what’s with the power cutoff at redline?”

“It’s not a bad car per se, but I don’t think this is what we’re looking for, Browney. Let’s cut this out of our list too.”

Not considered for the movie.

Katsuro Defense Industries X-1000 Miner by @FitRS


“Now this one, isn’t really bad. It’s actually pretty nicely dressed in many ways. It has some redundant bits like too three ladders, dual sided machine guns…”

“All of which can be replaced easily actually. What can’t be done anything about it is… it still kinda has that minivan look, doesn’t it?”

“I agree, Browney. It looks really sleek from almost all the angles but you can’t help but think minivan the moment you look at the front. If the front was given some more effort to have a more customized look, this would’ve been good enough”

“I like how it has just the correct amount of excess as well. Not too much but just enough to make sense for our movie. The hardware underneath it looks good as well. All in all, I don’t think this is the correct vehicle for Isaac, but this can be easily slipped inside the movie, it deserves that much.”

“Fair enough, we’ll keep this around, see where it can be utilized.”

Considered to be put into the movie but not as Isaac’s car.

Armor Rumbler by @GassTiresandOil


“OOH it’s an Armor!”

“Damn it’s really not being subtle with that exposed engine and top mounted laser drill. I like it.”

“It features less visual detail than the previous one we looked at but this looks a bit coherent for that dystopian theme. It has a blend of both dystopian and futuristic design, which isn’t really perfectly executed IMO but yeah it’s definitely a looker.”

“Nothing wrong with the general overlook of it, but I do prefer the X-1000’s rear design to this. The side profile has some interesting bits, like that small side window, those exhaust pipes and the neon light for environment lighting purposes. The badging looks just right. Overall, great but a bit underdone though.”

“Roof looks adequately designed with the driver’s entry chamber and giant roofrack. The car underneath it is also laid out rather well, can carry a staggeringly high amount. The V8 is more than adequately powered. It’s a bit barebones for the protagonist’s car… Let’s give this one another side-role as well, for its decent design”

Considered for the movie but not for Isaac’s car.

ONIHUNT Brawler : Wasteland Special by @ST1Letho


“Oh wow… This… This is actually pretty impressive.”

“I like the look they’ve gone for with this. There’s visible rust all around the car, bullet holes on one side, one of the headlights doesn’t have a glass and is replaced with thin grille net pieces…”

“The proportions are just right aren’t they? It looks like a proper muscle car converted to a dystopian offroader and it still retains the rawness of the initial design. Wait…”

“I feel like you’ve caught what’s wrong with it too?”

“I have yes… it’s too rugged and raw for what we’re going for aren’t we?”

“It really is and I hate to say it. Would’ve been a perfect podium finisher or even a joint podium but unfortunately, there’s no futuristic bits to attached to the car. I love the huge pushrod V8 making that beautiful rumble and the fact that it can do offroading better than some of the previous entries combined… But… this is more Mad Max-ish than what we’re looking for”

“It’s a shame, I loved it from every angle. It was even big enough to carry cargo and stuff. I’m not leaving it without giving it a proper, deserving role though.”

Very close to getting the podium finish at least, but it’s more dystopian and less [insert any retrofuturistic theme]. Will be in the final movie in a major role, however.

We're entering the podiums now!

Zephorus L Series Extension by @Sky-High


“Hot damn! Why do I feel so dominated all of a sudden!”

“Ah yes, it’s asserting dominance with its rather peculiar T-pose-lighting. I like it, has a very stern look to it.”

“Yeah I definitely like the pointy fascia, almost gives it a faceless look thus making it look minimalistic yet cyberpunk as hell”

“The engine choice is admirable too. Albeit it actually makes it the slowest of all the entries but it has the most tabled power curve in this entire lot of entries.”

“Man, come here have a look at the back… WOW!”

“Holy fuck it looks like they’ve managed to fit an entire habitation center in there! And the way they’ve done it is very creative. I am truly amazed now.”

“It’s a damn good vehicle, I really love it and the remaining two would have to impress me fairly well to make them consider over this beauty.”

Eventually, the Zephorus L Series will be given a major role that’s not Isaac’s main vehicle as well.

Helios FreeRoameR Type-T UTV pkg by @Xepy

“Sweet Jesus!”

“I… Is this really for us?”

“I feel like christmas came early, there is no way in hell I’m not giving this a major role”

“The car underneath is absolutely perfect as well, can do a whole lot of offroading and is eye wateringly fast for its size. The engine name is… hahahaha it’s called the Strokemaster! PERFECT!”

“Browney check this out, it’s based on the Jeep body… WHAT”

“Man I swear there can’t be anything better than this!” [haha wrong] “I’m just amazed at the detail that went into making this, Kale”

“I can’t believe what kind of bits they’ve used to craft this thing… It’s just so damn creatively and uniquely put together. And the canopy is pristine. Can carry a huge amount as well. And it’s just so practical and spacious.”

“Holy shit… wow… anyway we have one more thing to go through. Apparently it’s some company named “Comet Bar” or whatever? Heh sounds like some chocolate bar company.”

“Let’s go have a quick look at it and be over with it. I think we’ve found our winner.”

The Helios will be given a major role eventually

Comet-Bar RiftVhaun @That-S-cop


“… Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me…”

Right… I need to break character here. When I gave Shuriken the greenlight on discord to craft something based on a Unimog, I literally didn’t know what to expect. I was NOT ready for this. Neither was the entire community.

Get This…

4 people told me that they stayed away from this round of TMCC because they knew there’s no way they’d beat this thing. This entry alone killed potential entries from other people. That’s saying something, considering most people just make stuff for challenges anyway.

The entire file is 300kb+ and I am astounded how this beautiful person read cunt has managed to make every single one of those fixtures look and work clean. Don’t get me wrong, @Xepy and @Sky-High had clean designs as well and they are beautiful and awesome in their own right.

But this thing alone… I don’t even know what to say at this point. I could try to point out what details here have boggled my mind but I’d end up with a wall of text in the end. So I’m not gonna attempt it. This is, by far, the most well detailed and beautiful looking large sized truck I’ve seen in Automation so far. What an absolute gem!

I would like to thank every single people who entered this challenge. I never thought I’d end up getting such beautiful designs for a thing so niche and could’ve easily been memed. Especially the last 3 entries I’ve looked at have boggled my mind completely. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy or satisfied with this competition. I’m more than happy and definitely honored to get such creative and unique futuristic cars from you beautiful people. Trust me, if Automation allows exporting cars as they are to other 3D programs in the future, I will personally make custom 3D renders of a select few cars from here. Thank you so much guys!

The Judgement Has Ended

Browney and Kale have decided which cars they want to assign in which role and are now going to announce them publicly to the crew.

7th place: @Petakabras and @desperatedonut5

These two have unfortunately not made into the movie as the cars simply didn’t make the mark. Better luck next time guys! Don’t lose motivation.

6th place: @FitRS

A nice minivan converted into a futuristic looking offroader with some cool gizmos. Unfortunately, it’s still minivan look strays it away from getting anywhere above in the challenge among other entries. It’ll be featured as the primary choice of transport when going offroad for the general public and police level law enforcers.

5th place: @GassTiresandOil

An SUV based half futuristic, half dystopian concept which doesn’t look like much at first but grows on you over time. Very well engineered too. This will be driven by the national forces of the opposing nation. The sheer heft, menacing look and practicality of this vehicle would provide more than enough good reasons for them to use this.

4th place: @ST1Letho

I was torn to decide this car’s fate and honestly, had it given up on its rather rugged, dystopian looks to look a bit more futuristic or outrun… I would’ve considered its position to be higher. But It will be getting a major role. Halfway through the movie, the protagonist will be in some sort of trouble when a not Max Rockstansky will arrive out of nowhere to assist him in this badass looking muscle car.

3rd place: @Sky-High

The T-Pose truck has a special place in my heart and I really really appreciate the unique design for this, Riley. This seems like a prime vehicle for quick backup shelter for the protagonist, if something goes south or he can’t access his main vehicle. It will be also seen as the national force’s top tier vehicle with a few modifications in the movie.

2nd place: @Xepy

This is the second time you’ll be getting a second place in a competition hosted by me :stuck_out_tongue:
And both times, it’s not you who built a slightly worse car, it’s the winner who made a car that just struck it perfect. Though that doesn’t stop this beauty of a creation to get a major role. This will be seen as the Rapid Response Team’s ultimate solution to provide any sort of quick backup needed for Isaac. Around the end, Isaac will also be seen quickly fleeing a hostile area in one of these, completely unharmed due to its unmatched build quality.

1st place: @That-S-cop

I think I’ve said enough and honestly, if I start talking about it again I will seriously end up with a wall of text. Hands down the most detailed vehicle of this round and possibly all sorts of rounds relating to a truck or van. Unbelievable stuff.

And with that, TMCC3 has come to an end. Thank you all again for participating with such awesome cars!

Hosting duties will be passed on to the winner. Should the winner fail to reply within 24 hours or decides to pass, the judging duties will be passed on to the contestant of next place.