TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 4): Comet-Trails, Finished

TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 4): Comet-Trails

2018 March.

Season 2 of Comet-Trails is being planned and Comet-Bar Off-Road Accessories is also looking to look into a new base Vehicle to expand the Comet-Tourer line, which currently only consists of the Marksman Tomahawk Comet-Tourer.

What is Comet-Trails?

Comet-Trails is effectively Patriot Camper’s “Patriot Games” series done by my Australian based Comet-Bar Off-road accessories company, Which is technically the brand/company that won TMMC3 and is most known for the Comet-Bar Marksman Tomahawk 6x6

Comet-Bar recently started filming their test runs and Family adventures (With a company like this they are basically one and the same) of New Equipment last year under the lead of Gareth Kelly who heads the Comet-Tourers and Vehicle Conversion team. Unlike your Mainstream shows, this style of show adventure shows basically has no Script
BTW, here’s a link to Patriot Games to make stuff a bit clearer

Yeah... if you are out of the loop on the 6x6

BTW Trans-rights and you know it

Further Clarification on what an Off-road accessories company and more specifically what Comet-Bar does is because most people are here for cars, not talking about what grade steel a bullbar uses and Approach and Departure angles

  • An off-road accessories company is a company that makes parts for people to enjoy going off the beaten track.
  • Usually it’s Bullbars, Siderails, Lights, Roof Racks, Trays, and Winches, however, Solar panels and Electricals are also being supplied nowadays.
  • Comet-Bar goes a bit further and also provides campers and Off-road Toy haulers, yeah expect more stuff in future, it’s going to be fun, and something I just took from Patriot Campers, Comet-Tourers, which are SuperTourers really… it’s a package built by Patriot/Comet-bar with… all the kit they can throw on 'em and in which you will be building a base vehicle for

Your Brief, to send in a current-generation Mid-top spec off-road or off-road capable Truck or SUV for the Australian/Southern Gasmean Market. Special Editions or Luxo Builds (Top of the Top trims) very discouraged, Comet-Bar needs to buy these new, and they need something well equipped for the price, say your XLs and XLTs but not Denali/Longhorn levels.

This effectively means Don’t try a puny Crossover because that’s not going to effective off-road
and American HD class trucks are also a no-no, because Australia doesn’t get them, your 1500 trucks ETC are fine, but if it needs clearance lights in the US/Canada/Regular Gasmea it’s not going to be considered due to the nature 1500s are already quite big for us Down Under.

What I'm Looking for



Why I'm asking for stockers

Because Comet-Bar is doing the Conversion…

Submission Guidelines

  • Must be either a Truck or SUV, SUVs can be Chopped
  • Max asking Price is roughly 45k, however, Lower the Better and going a little bit over isn’t a Binnable offense
  • If it classes as HD or Crossover it is a :wastebasket:
    • HD trucks are anything Wider then 79.6 Inches or 2.02 Metres
    • Crossovers should be easy to identify, usually small economy engines, independent suspension on all corners, with a Monocoque/Light Truck Monocoque chassis, chopping the back half of a Monocoque car will seriously hamper structural rigidity, and we need to attach Comet-Bar Bullbars on Chassis rails.
  • 91 and 95 Octane Fuel are your Fuel options, as these are the Petrol options at most Outback Service Stations.
  • Trim and Variant year must be 2018
  • Naming Convention: Car Family must be TMCC4 - Forum Name, everything else is free reign

Judging priorities:

  • Looks
  • Reliability
  • Value
  • Base load carrying capacity determines what difference the GVM upgrade makes

And do ask for further clarification… I may have missed something.


Is monocoque construction completely out of the question for builds then? If I use land rover as a reference nothing they make is body on frame any more, or is that a bit too fancy anyway?

Also in a related question is light truck monocoque ok as the rear is a ladder frame

Monocoque and Light-Truck Monocoque is indeed effectively out of the Question.
We need Chassis Rails to attach Comet-Bar Bullbars.
see “What I’m looking for” None of those vehicles have Mono/unibodies.

So… 12 hours
no complaints… I do hope…

  • Open Submissions now (in 2 hours)
  • Wait up!!! I have something to ask. (postpone)

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What type of fuel must we use? I’m suggesting 91 RON regular unleaded because it’s cheap and commonplace.

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Finally, a Question!! I knew I forgot something.
91 is welcome, 95 will also suffice if it’s intended to be more premium trim.
However good damned luck finding 98 at an Outback Servo.
I hope that has answered that probably very important question.
and 1 hour left on the poll.

And with the 2 hour Voting period over

With the ruleset is perfectly fine and hopefully, there shouldn’t be any disputes Winning by 1, and Hopefully asked questions resolved.

TMMC4 Submissons are open!

The deadline is 14th February GMT 0100 / 15th February AEDT 1200. 17 February GMT 0100 / 18 February AEDT 1200


i may as well be the first to post anything. Here is the 2018 Knightwick Savannah

a few more pictures




2018 Bogliq Bushranger 3200


Alfora is ready to Purge the concorrents


Considering the low amount of entries and dwindling hope
I would like some opinions on the deadline

  • Don’t extend
  • Do extend 3 days
  • Do extend 5 days
  • Do extend 6 days

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2018 Catri Explorator Standard 300
Duck the road (and the fuel economy)

And with an overnight result of The extending the deadline by 3 days

New deadline is 17 February GMT 0100/ 18 February AEDT 1200


Meet the new 2018 TimberMan Sherpa Trekker


Thank goodness. I thought I was going to miss this. I was going to rush to get a build in tonight but I have a little time now…:relieved:

I’m confused on what the brief is asking for. Is it looking for more “conventional” trucks and SUVs, or is it looking for something offroad focused? The fact that it requires ladder seems to be a bit biased towards the latter.

We are talking Australian Market Conventional Truck, Ranger, Hilux, D-MAX, Triton etc…
1500 class Trucks F-150, Silverado 1500, RAM 1500
and Ladderframe SUVs Proper Landcruiser, Landcruiser, Prado, Patrol
as seen in What I’m looking for
and… all in a Dealer State. something that would be sold to independent/fleet buyers
Nothing Custom.


That’s helpful, thanks. Don’t have to go overboard then. Just need it to look like an actual truck/SUV.

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Independent Chonkvalanche

Powered with our new Bias Twin Eco Turbo V10, capable of just over 420 Foot Pounds of Torque (just under 600 Newton-Meters for those of you outside :us:), all coupled to our advanced six gear automatic, 4x4 drivetrain. The perfect vehicle to get you, your family, and the entire kitchen sink from point A to point B, no matter what’s in between. Premium spec model (pictured above, with BlueThumb entertainment package, including our patented “Kid Dampener” in seat televisions) priced starting at $45,000.

  • Rated Towing Capacity: A Lot (the towing calculator is broke)
  • Rated Load Capacity: 4100 Lbs (Apx. 1800 kg)
  • Seats: 5 Full Seats
  • Top Speed: 220 km/h
  • Horsepower: 312 @ 6200 RPM
  • Torque: 586 @ 2100 RPM