TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 5): The Transporter, Final Mission

An underground parking lot in Moscow, Russia, 10 February 2020.


Frank: The shipment is inside the trunk.
Markus: Good. I guess we’re done.
Gunshots everywhere
Frank: Shit! Get in the car! Let’s go!
Markus: Right!
Frank: Wait, where’s the car?


Director: Hey?! Where’s the car?! Call in the vehicle manager!
Assistant: He’s here sir.
Director: Where’s our car?
Vehicle manager: Late shipping. Sorry.
Director: Are you kidding me?! We only got a week to record here. You know what? I’ll fire you!
Vehicle manager: Are you kidding me?! It’s not my fault anyways!
Director: We need the cars now! I’ll give you one more chance. Get me a car.
Vehicle manager: Right away sir!

Now John, the vehicle manager is looking for a car. But since this is the transporter, the car should be a luxury car. It may be something like a BMW 7-Series to a Rolls Royce. So, looks, comfort, safety and prestige is his priority. He will be joined by the stunt driver, Travis Pastrami, which will be looking at how the car drives, how drive able and controllable it is and how agile it is (sportiness).


Trim and engine variant should be set in either 2019 or 2020.
Only 4 door sedans and coupe sedans (5-door hatchback/sportback luxury sedans) are allowed.
Minimum of 4 seats
Since they are luxury cars, the cars should have at least interior of luxury interior and luxury infotainment.
ESC, catalytic converters, unleaded RON95 fuel, fuel injection and mufflers are mandatory.
Maximum engine loudness of 30.
V16 engines are prohibited as I don’t have the key for it.
No FWDs allowed as the movie will feature actual drifts and powerslides.
No race parts allowed!
At least have 620 litres of cargo volume is needed (the character needs to carry shipments from places to places)
Maximum approximate cost is $115500.
Other than that, you have freedom. I should be expecting mid-top trim luxury cars.

Judging criteria.

It will be divided into 2 parts. John will be looking at the looks, comfort, safety and prestige is his priority. While Travis’s priority will be about how the car drives, how drive able and controllable it is and the sportiness.

John, the vehicle manager’s priority

  1. Looks, prestige (this will decide the reputation of your car as being a beautiful and famous luxury car driven by a lot of celebrities or a big ugly and unpopular shitbox. John will also factor in how subtle the car looks. This means that colour can also affect the scoring. ).
    Recomendation: Make a car that looks beautiful and luxurious, but don’t make it too obnoxious looking or sporty looking. Enough chrome trim will help with this. Don’t black out everything. But also don’t go overboard with chrome. Recommended colours are very dark colours, black, gray and silver.
  2. Comfort, safety
  3. Fuel economy
  4. As a luxury car, I wouldn’t expect much. But reliability will also be a factor since John has only a week to record all the chase scenes in Moscow and he doesn’t have time to repair the cars.
  5. Cargo volume will also be a factor because the main character can be seen delivering shipments of, erhmm…. things…

Travis Pastrami, the stunt driver’s priority

  1. Drivability (he needs to be confident with the car in a short period of time)
  2. Sportiness and agility (the stunt driving will feature a lot of swerving through traffic, drifting, hard cornering, etc. Being agile means that the car should not be a limo. But being a luxury car, it should be longer than an executive sedan. The target here is F-Segment cars.)
  3. Acceleration (a slow car would make an action scene very boring. Plus, having bad guys and the police chasing you and having them catch up you wouldn’t make for a good chase scene isn’t it?)
  4. Comfort (There will be some jumps and as a luxury car, they should be able to soak up the bumps well. Travis would also like to minimize back pain…)

If the cars are good, but not good enough, it could be assigned to another character, maybe… But this is the main chase scene and having the car for the main character in the main chase scene means that it will be on the cover page.
Another thing to note is just because you have freedom, doesn’t mean you can abuse them. KEEP IT REALISTIC. Min-maxing is strictly prohibited!!!



Audi S8

BMW M760li

Bentley Flying Spur

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

BMW 850i Gran Coupe

Mercedes Benz S-Class Maybach

Lexus LS500

Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

Jaguar XJ

Genesis G90

Naming Convention

Model and family name > TMCC5-(username)
Car and engine trim name > Whatever you want…

The deadline is the 1st of March, 2020 in 05:00pm GMT (12:00pm in Indonesian time). Press the link below to see the exact countdown of the challenge.


Send the car files to me via PM. PM @Aaron.W!

This is my first time hosting a challenge. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask me. Thanks and enjoy the challenge!


Did you mean 35? 25 seems too restrictive…even with +15 in exhaust quality on 2 reverse flow mufflers!

Alright. I do agree with this.

My benchmark car can manage this…

So now, 30 will be the maximum engine loudness.

Turbo engines are naturally quieter than NA engines.
30-38 will suffice.
And I do like a predictable power curve

Well, I guess I’m first. Here is the 2020 Firebird FT6


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Mind if another American Barges in?
Marksman-Garrison Broadsword
Coming again the 3rd time…

Still retaining the Password Entry System… obviously.

Credit to @Falling_Comet for the Pictures…


Why are there no limits on production units or engineering time?

Luxury car my Friend…
TMCC4 also didn’t have Production or Engineering limits.
Nor did TMCC3 as I recall.

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And AGC 8, if we’re taking notes from Luxury Car rounds

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Nightsky Blue Two toned with Chromatic Silver
Reliable, Comfortable, Safe and Fast with an ALL NEW v8 BiTurbo engine that’s shared with our unreleased Lagora.

Strikingly bold design with no compromises, you love it or you don’t.


KGB Tenshi 2020

Twin turbo V12 AWD goodness in luxurious, perfectly-balanced sedan form. Every angle, every radius, every surface in every terrain, in every environment heavenly. The pinnacle of petrol automotion ready to usher in the age of Lightning.

While 703hp may be a lot to some, to the Tenshi it is child’s play. In full sport trim, power reaches 1230hp, 0-60 is 2.4 seconds and quarter mile? Well…

Faster than any other production vehicle with 20.3 MPG. Prices start at $110,000.

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Disappointed that there wasn’t an Aston Martin included in the inspiration.

An Aston Martin attracts attention. The point of this is not too…

I meant visually. Like I’d shove a V12 into a shooting brake.

I meant visual styling, I guess.

I’ll add the Rapide to the inspiration later… let me think about it…

I presume a Lagonda would be more apt

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I find it a bit hard to believe that you wouldn’t add a Rapide because it attracts attention, cause a Bentley Flying Spur and Panamera Turbo S does attract a lot of attention

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Dawn breaks on the Kurskian Motorgroup Headquarters in Italy. Visible are five of the new 2020 Ghiacco Coltonna, a luxury shooting brake designed for the classy buyer, whom wants their money’s worth in engine.
Under the hood sits a 4.6L V8, outputting 197 mph through an advanced automatic transmission.
It features electric power steering, ESC, a hydropneumatic suspension with active sway bars, and a luxurious interior with equivalent infotainment.
The Ghiacco Coltonna also comes in eight trim colors:

  • Forrest Green (with Pine Chrome trim and Humid Steel rim accents)
  • Navy Blue (with Blue Chrome trim and Cold Steel rim accents)
  • Burgundy (with Rose Chrome trim and Dry Steel rim accents)
  • Mahogany (with Rose Chrome trim and Dry Steel rim accents)
  • Metallic Grey (with standard Chrome trim and Steel rim accents)

(Not Shown:)

  • Ocean Blue (with Blue Chrome trim and Cold Steel rim accents)
  • Woods Green (with Pine Chrome trim and Humid Steel rim accents)
  • Woodwork Brown (with Gold Chrome trim and Dry Steel rim accents)

The 2020 Ghiacco Coltonna can be yours for $109k! Just visit your nearest Kurskian or Atrius dealer today.

(Other cars in the picture are a 1972 Kliment Wombat and 1975 Kurskian Icicle, both personal vehicles of the top designers)

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The (third styling attempt) 2019 Knightwick Solace HL12


2020 Turból Loncil TTR

why is this body so goddamn big