Twin turbo exhaust setup still visible on inline 6 engine when selecting single turbo

In the patchlist I saw that the twin turbo setup bug on the inline 6 engines should have been fixed in either hotfix 1 or 2 on LCV4.0.

However I just designed an inline 6 engine in the year 2019. When selecting the turbo setup I see the turbine being placing on the front half of the engine (first 3 cylinders). Also there are two 3-cilinder exhaust manifolds visible were there is a turbo missing on the rear manifold.
(twin turbo exhaust manifold setup with a single turbo installed)

I am currently using build version: 200329.12268.2040.Manual

PS it also seems that the button to make the engine size arrow invisible is also not working.

I have added a picture to show the problem.


Nice (not) , but that one would behave as SAAB asymmetric turbo v6.
Only had one turbo, used the exhaust from 3 cylinders, but feeds the entire engine with boost.

That still doesn’t explain where the exhaust for the other three cylinders went