Twincharged and 5 valve/cylinder with VVT/VVL engines

I just learned about twincharged engines, and I’d like to know if it is planned for Automation, and maybe in the future forced admission update.
Also, I did not have a reply in another topic so I post it again here : you said there was a bug with 5 valve per cylinder engines and VVT and VVL. Is the problem fixed ? How is it coming up ?
Oh and, while I’m writing, I noticed some bugs and other things :

  • The loading screen still has the spinning logo with a metal line over the black zone. It’s difficult to say it, but you should see it quite easily.
  • Sometimes the parts descriptions don’t show up : I’ve seen it while swapping between Injection and Carbs.
  • I liked the auto camera when you build your engine : it was easy to see the new part. Is it really gone or will it be optional ?
  • Will there be dual exhausts for the Inline 4 ? I mean, will there be special manifolds which will have two outputs and then two exhaust pipes ? What about quad exhausts on bigger engines ?
  • One last thing : Does the engine exhaust show where it will be placed on the car it will be mounted on ? Will we be able to put sides exhausts ?

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VVT (not sure about VVL) will be there for 5-valve systems, but it won’t be patched into the current public version before we are done with the engine designer revamp: it would break some of the delicate balance in the scenarios.
Twincharging will most probably be possible if things go as we intend. Dual exhausts for I4 won’t be in, no, I4s just don’t breathe enough for this to be really relevant, any twin-turboed 5.4L I4s you might be able to build WOULD breathe enough, but would disintegrate before you even get to that point. ;D Also, it would be quite a bit of extra artwork to be done! About the exhaust mounting on the car: no idea… we’ll see that in more detail as soon as we get there. xD

Okay, thanks. Keep up the awesome job ! :stuck_out_tongue: