Tycoon Part

Alright gents,

First of all I want to congratulate you on the level of detail that each part of Automation has received thus far. I remember watching youtube videos of this game years ago.

Moving on.

I had a question about the Tycoon portion of the game. I understand you guys will be including various GUIs to allow the player to manage selling/manufacturing/marketing etc. Will this be in any way similar to what Gearcity by Vent has done with their GUI? It goes into much detail with a lot of micromanagement and is confusing to learn. Once you get to learn it though, it’s quite fun.

For our sake I hope it’s much more simplistic than that, but the main focus of this thread is to get an idea of what the interface will be like and how much detail you’ll go into.

Yeah, I’ve seen that GUI and It’s kinda micromanagment-y in a way that I don’t think is very intuitive. We’ll be fairly detailed but putting a fair bit of effort into avoiding the not-fun kind of micromanagment, and making everything as intuitive and understandable as possible.