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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

Another problem: its engine bay is once again wider than it is long, which doesn’t seem realistic in a car of this size. This is also true of the 80s version (which is unlocked in 1986, by the way).

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It is possible to increase the max tyre diameter of this body?

The Honda city has bigger max tyre diameter that this.

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I posted it on discord but I’ll post it here as well.

BodyEditor_70sBLI8_22_5dr and 3dr (possibly other variants as well) have some very weird issues with weight.
Cars made with those bodies always end up being very heavy with a rear weight bias.

It’s the 2.7m wheelbase variant of the austin princess.

The window trim here is more wheel arches than windows.

Now corrected and ready for rollout in due course

This body variant has a floating mirror

Also, you can build on the bumper for this variant, but not any other variant of the body

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Found a few issues with the 2.7m wheelbase 2002 supercar.

The rear wheel arch morph is broken.

This rear morph went up and down in kee as well as back and forth; in UE4 it only moves back and forth. There’s also some rear chassis being exposed in the default morph configuration.

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The 2.4m wheelbase NSX/MR2 has issues with the rear morphs.

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In UE4, the large version of the 12C body has a much larger engine bay than in Kee; I was able to insert a 7.2L V12 in the back of it without much trouble. Previously it was only large enough to accommodate V8s, and even those had their sizes limited by the height of the engine compartment.

As for the small version of the NSX body, its engine bay appears to have shrunk after recent updates, just like its larger counterpart.

Well, I know it runs a 7 liter v8 with turbos without much of an issue, and I recall people slotting in v12’s in there before. I never noticed the engine bay constrictions in that body to be honest.

The pickup has bumper and trim colour slots as it should, the SUV has the trim on the same colour slot as the bumper (the 3.5m wheelbase version has the same problem.)

On the 70s G Body: I know I’ve seen it posted somewhere else, but on the El Camino variant, there are a lot of issues.

  1. The bed disintegrates. That’s been posted before.
  2. I tried to clone the taillights, and I couldn’t drag the cloned taillights out. At first I thought it didn’t work, and that the game froze; but instead, all the cloned taillights were in one another.
  3. When I was able to drag the cloned taillights out, they suddenly flip, and would not flip back. Thankfully, they were symmetrical in shape, all I had to do was change the lenses, but that still sounds like a glitch.
  4. What I’m really posting about, is that the ‘grill’ kept disappearing. It was actually 8 little vents, that I had arranged to represent a late 70s/ early 80s type grill. They would be there as long as I was working on the car, but when I left to take pictures, they disappeared. Warning: this car is very ugly. I wasn’t quite sure what direction I was planning to take it, but still…
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I am going to tag team that here. I noticed several glaring issues with this body when I used it for the Official UE4 Competition:

  1. The bumper geometry has a gap in the middle. You can see it especially in the @undercoverhardwarema’s top photo.

  2. The wheels are off center from the arches; the fronts are too far back and the rears too far forward. With large enough tires, they clip into the arches.

  3. The same part of the nose that @undercoverhardwarema’s grill is on is really finicky about one piece centered grills. Whenever you try to morph or move the feature, it’s a total gamble that it will turn red for literally no reason at all.

The “grille” disappearing is an issue with those vents themselves, and not the body.

This 1995 hatchback seems to have an issue with it’s cargo box, 2540L passenger volume, 2191L cargo volume with standard morphs, a few times more than what some van bodies can do despite being sm0l

This 1985 coupe body also has the same issue with two out of three variants (Left and right edge are broken, middle body seems alright) having insane cargo volume, the convertible having over 3500L cargo volume

These are the only ones I’ve noticed so far but I can’t say I’ve gone looking out for bodies with dodgy cargo volumes

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On both of the 2010 convertible models, when using a semi space frame the game will place the engine and transmission at the rear of the vehicle. Good news: you can now make a mock Porsche with realistic weight distribution of an RR or MR vehicle, even though the engine and transmission are clipping. Bad news: the engine is not designed to be here and this should probably be patched.

Also, there is a potential error with creating new engines in cloned vehicles. If you start to edit a cloned vehicle and backtrack to the engine manager within the car manager and create a new engine, a new family number is assigned to this engine. If you clone the parent vehicle again and do the same process, you end up with another engine with the same family number. This causes two things:

  1. the shared family number will not be able to be found in the engine manager
  2. both of the engines are now only accessible through the cloned trims


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Found the fix last night. Export then import your car. Engine then shows up in lists.

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Ah, the rarely seen Porsche PTO option.


The old-timey ute thingy (F-series?) has… ummmm, holes in the roof


Have you had a fixture go missing? I’ve had that several times when a fixture has dropped out.