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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list

NormanVauxhall has a forum thread where they are posting issues with bodies. This is great! But they are just one person.
I’m sure everyone else has run in to an issue or two along the way, and I would greatly appreciate it if people could inform me of them so I can fix them, and having them all in one place like this helps me fix them faster!

This includes things like:

  • Mirrors on the car body (we’re moving to a new system where mirrors are their own fixture, but a lot of bodies still have the mirrors on the bodies)
  • Fixture cutout errors (I know that pickups have a lot of issues with this where placing a fixture on the rear of the car will also cut out the cargo space)
  • Morphing errors (wonky skinning, artefacting caused by intersecting geometry, etc… Also - now that we’re saving morph offsets between variants, we’re getting a few families where the morphs start off a bit dodgy looking if you change the morph on a body then select a new variant.)

If people could tell me when they see a body that breaks (with a screenshot like this on the variant view with the name of the body that is breaking), that would be greatly appreciated.


I know of a couple bodies that has the “meltey syndrome” upon loading, i’ll have to get screenshots and models tomorrow. I believe one of them was that one sedan that also had a van variant, with both cargo and passenger van variants having the “melt” until a bone is moved

The trunk corner morph for this body has no constraints. That morphing area is also quite difficult to grab a hold of, it’s so small it’s almost a pixel hunt to find the spot where it gets highlighted.


Man, that rear end must be absolutely PLANTED from the downforce.


Panel gap around doors

Not pictured: Rear fender has a crumple line if rear bumper is morphed all the way forward.

The door is bent up. (This is not related to the melted car switching bug)

The front edge of the window should follow the windshield/ a pillar morphing in my opinion

“Melted Body” bug when switching body variants after morphing a body. The panels snap back to the correct shape if I remorph each affected body section.

Ladder frame sticks through front bumper

The two and four door variants both have the same tool-tip/ name.

Rear roof section crumples if the back window is morphed all the way forward.


The front fenders are not morphing the same way left to right, as you can see the turn signal indicator is flush on one side and protruding on the other side.

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What, so now being a British car is an “issue”? :smirk:


Fixed these morphing and melting issues :red_car:
Thanks for pointing them out :grinning:


Ah, I see: yep. Bit of a mis-matched morph. Fixed :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t figure out why my FWD 50kw s***box was scoring so well in Sports categories and such a bad practicality score until I noticed this. The number of doors on the Not 1950s British Motors Corp body are the same on the Coupe and Saloon variants; both are 2-doors.



In your second picture you still have the sedan selected, if you click the coupe then the red box will appear around the coupe.

I think he’s wanting us to read text in the tooltip.


Now I see it, thanks for pointing that out.

2009 convertible/sedan rear end spiking when stretched too much

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The 1965 coupe (the pantera-esque body) is only allowed to be front engined, there is no mid engined option

alright, think we should actually put this to use, and for future reference.

yep, that looks broken.


That looks like an accordion.

That body has already been fixed and should rolled out in due course

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Not sure if this one’s been mentioned before, but when going from SUV to pickup (without touching any of the morphs):

The fender morphs on the front and the rear of the non-Murcielago body are uneven and don’t stretch to the same width.