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About body variants melting

Lets say you’ve made a car, and set it up in Unreal, and you’re playing the game. It looks like this:

But then you make a variant of that body, and when you select that one in game, it looks like this…:

So what’s going on?

that happens because the physical location of the bones are different between the variants and we store the physical location of the bones instead of the relative distance from their bind pose - it wasnt an issue before, but now that we are saving the morph adjustments between the bodies it has become an issue.

  • if this is happening to one of your modded bodies, all you have to do is bring all the variants in to 3DS-Max, put all the bones with the same names in to the same location, then turn ‘always deform’ off and on again in the skin of each body mesh and re-export them.
  • If its happening to a vanilla body, please post a screenshot in this forum thread

Maybe a product recall is in order? Or at least a TSB about melting cars.


I think whether or not this can be considered a fault or just a property of the product depends on its intended purpose.


Salivating intensifies.