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PSA: melting saved cars and how to fix them

As some of you may have noticed, since the latest update (Content Update B180922), some of your saved cars are suffering from a bit of melting (or trying to do an accordion dekotora).

Unfortunately, due to the fixes we did to some of the variants and family bodies, this was unavoidable.
To fix some of the body melting problems if you switched between variants of a family, we needed to manually move the morph positions from some variants so that they all matched, but this meant that those of you who had saved cars using these ‘fixed’ variants now suffer from this same melting problem.

There is a ray of hope still:
if you select each of the melted parts of the car in turn, they should snap back to where they should be (and stay there)!
Some of your fixtures may still be gone, but this is all we can do.

If you’re still having body issues after trying that fix, then please post them to the UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list:

Please make sure to include a picture of the problem, as well as the body variant name.