[UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge

Spec Racing Challenge

Every kid who dreams of being a race driver must start somewhere, normally there first foray into racing after karts is spec series racing. That could be Clio Cup or Ginetta Juniors, the idea of these series is to take the car out of the equation, allowing the cream of the driving crop to rise to the top.

These cars (nearly) always have a road going version, with most of series being modified versions of the road going models. These models are typically small family cars or superminis.

Gasmea has several young promising drivers coming through karts and a leading sponsor is looking to sponsor a spec series for junior racers. In order for it to be a success they need a manufacturer to provide a car that can put on a show whilst not endangering the young generation of drivers.

You, as the lead designer, have been tasked by your marketing department to come up with a vehicle that can be used in the series. It is currently the year 2000 and the expected decision date is 2010 with the series starting in 2013, however if you can convince them to start earlier and lock your competitors out they sponsor is willing!

Remember you are trying to sell to a sponsor, they would like more than a good looking car to make a series.

Judging Criteria:

  • Automation test track time in automation
  • Automation test track time in Beam
  • Handling track fun
  • Driveability of the race version in Beam
  • Driveability of the road version in Beam
  • Looks
  • Sound
  • 0-60mph time

You don’t need Beam for this as I will be driving the cars

Requirements - Track Car:

  1. Maximum 2000cc displacement
  2. Two wheel drive only
  3. Must be a hatchback/coupe/convertible body type
  4. If it is a convertible it must be a hardtop
  5. Maximum wheelbase 2.6m
  6. Maximum fuel type: Premium
  7. Minimum of 60 reliability
  8. Can not use any Limited Production parts
  9. Must have a competitiveness of 95+ in at least one Sport category in Gasmea*
  10. Must have a competitiveness of 110+ in Track/Track Budget in Gasmea
  11. Maximum engineering time of 36 months
  12. Maximum cost of $18,000 (0% markup)
  13. Minimum fuel economy of 20 mpg (UK), 16.6 mpg (US), 14.1 l/100km

Requirements - Road Car:

  1. Must use the same base engine as the track version
  2. Must have a competitiveness of at least 100 in a minimum of two City/Family/Commuter categories in Gasmea**
  3. Model and trim must be the same year as the track version
  4. Maximum fuel type: Regular
  5. Minimum of 60 reliability
  6. Two wheel drive only
  7. Can not use any Limited Production parts
  8. Maximum cost of $18,000 (0% markup)
  9. Must get at least 30 mpg (UK), 25 mpg (US), 9.2 l/100km

*Sport categories are:

  • Light Sport Budget
  • Light Sport
  • Light Sport Premium
  • Convertible Sport Budget
  • Convertible Sport
  • Convertible Sport
  • Sport
  • Super
  • Hyper
  • Family Sport Premium
  • Family Sport
  • Utility Sport
  • Utility Sport Premium
  • Utility Sport Luxury
  • GT
  • GT Premium

**City/Family/Commuter categories are:

  • Passenger Fleet
  • Family Utility Budget
  • Family Utility
  • Family Utility Premium
  • City Budget
  • City
  • Commuter Budget
  • Commuter
  • Commuter Premium
  • City Eco
  • City Premium
  • Family Budget
  • Family
  • Family Premium
  • Family Sport
  • Family Sport Premium

Clio Cup Series: https://www.cliocupseries.com/

The competition closes 21st September 23:59:59 UTC, countdown here: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180921T235959&p0=%3A&font=cursive

Rules are subject to change if I have missed something

*Edit: I noticed I screwed up to conversion (UK MPG was too high on the road car) so I have reduced to be inline with l/100km and US MPG

Review VOD Link

Part 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/313266830

Part 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/313693542


Results posts with reviews: [UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JSYzjdL1Fb46whhET_SASRDZU257ywAiV30LMeI_hW0/edit?usp=sharing


Might I ask whether mods are allowed?

Maximum Model year?

It needs to be clarified whether or not MPG will be measured via either combined MPG of the vehicle or the Engine solo. There is a massive difference in your end goal depending on which.

To include how to measure Engineering time. Such as, ‘neither engine nor chassis to exceed 36’ or ‘only the chassis cannot exceed 36’.

Fuel economy on a race car? Unless if we are going for a green or endurance race, race cars are usually tuned for maximum performance rather than thinking about fuel consumption.

^ Meanwhile…ruining my art piece because I didn’t clone it.

Yes, mods are fine :slight_smile:

The max year is 2010 so with the 36 months engineering time the car would be ready in 2013 :slight_smile:

The MPG is the vehicle MPG, it is assumed that like the Lite Campaign V2 they can run at the same time, so as long as neither exceed 36 months you are fine :slight_smile:

A lot of racing series don’t allow for refueling (for several different reasons) and junior racing doesn’t (as far as I am aware). The reason for it being there is to make sure the cost of racing for teams is lower and there would be no need for refueling during a race.

Is the 2000cc with turbo or is it even allowed becuse it’s not mentioned anything about it?

Yep, any 2L aspiration is fine

I’m pretty sure you meant “competitiveness”. Because desirability is usually measured in thousands and even a cheap city car will have 500+ desirability in all categories.

Yep! I’ll edit it now. Good spot :slight_smile:

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Can I submit 2 cars? And if yes (and this is a weird question) do you consider AWD with 100/0 or 0/100 balance a 2WD or 4WD? Because technically it’s still a 4WD setup, but in practice it’s the same as 2WD, just heavier and more expensive.

If you want to submit two I won’t stop you :slight_smile:

I think the spirit of the challenge would mean that you would use FWD or RWD but strictly only two wheels are being used for drive in an AWD 100/0 split so it would be allowed.

EDIT: A word

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tfw your “TOCA Verified” Support series car doesn’t meet the requirements of this because you based it on the Ginettas and their Fibreglass/Plastic bodies.

Hers my entryCeeser - Turbo.car (14.3 KB)

Is it just me, or does your car break close to all rules?

Btw, @Flamers, where do I look for the 60 required reliability? Engine stats, car stats or both? (I don’t know if the reliability in car stats also factors the engine or not)

Edit: I guess it doesn’t really matter because both my engine and car have more than 60 reliability :grinning:

It would be the combined stat at the end that will be used for all of the stat based requirements