Ugly cars forum

You have my permission to post all your crap cars in this forum. Please PM me if here is a problem. Let’s see that holy cow stuff!!!

Also, I would like to add that you can:
-share any kind of car you please
-post unlimited cars
-have a great time

For the sake of my reading speed, you cannot:
-post more than one car in a single post
-post multiple times within a three-hour time period
-break rules on this thread
-post anyone’s creation other than your own
-if it’s a picture you took of a real car, say what model it is and please do not specify whose car it is, if you know the owner


where do i start…

2002 Alissa Familyette Turbo - January 2019

2019 Maklara MPV - December 2018

2019 Taimania Delstor (Burger Car) - February-March-or April 2019

2005 Alissa Diego LX Turbo - January 2019


1980 Quebec Montreal - Like February 2019? Can’t remember

There’s so much more. This is just a small bit.

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Post as much as you possibly can in here, that’s the whole point of this forum. By the way, I like your cars. They fit perfectly here!

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Bro! Chill Bro! Chill! It’s just a social experiment bro!



@Fletchyboy100 what is it? It’s got a lot of fixtures.

Iramitsu Inexpensive Mobility Project
This is probably the cheapest car you’ll encounter here

Looks pretty sweet, for an ugly car standard. Great work! Also, I can completely agree with the whole “cheap” thing, it does look that way. Overall great job!


Thanks man!

‎20th march ‎2019 me too can make crapcar


Nice! I like it! Brings out the “luxury” in the meaning of “ugly.”

I have some more questionable stuff to share, such as…

The 1980 Boring Cars S.A.D. (Suffering Automotive Depression) Peasant Edition

This failed prototype for the 2018 Gatto Luchs

The last one doesn’t quite make the cut as an “ugly” car in my mind, but I still like it! Great work on both cars!

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There’s a bit of Darth Vader’s mask in its front end somewhere… Except that it looks less intimidating in white instead of black.

I’ll be uploading my own ugly freakazoid car here in a bit, just not right now.

I’ve got this, definitely didn’t like the way it turned out, did not age well. I think I’ve updated it since.


Prepare to sear your eyes on my first UE4 cars (from like 2017)

Be thankful that I’ve lost all screenshots of Kee cars lmao


That’s a - fortunately - never released Zavir Espada in a weird, GT hatchback version.


All are nice and ugly (except the truck, that’s not bad, actually), all are in!

Prototype 1, the absolutely crappiest piece of shit I’ve ever come up with. It looks like more of a dangerous alien that has taken the form of a sedan car. It sucks bad, folks.

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Finally, a thread that won’t hate my creations like piranhas in a goldfish bowl