Ugly doing what it does best

One note video and pictures always make slopes and angles seem not so bad. I was way past 45degrees there.
And we broke the spare tire mount again.

Good crawling.

That’s some awesome stuff there. Them Jeeps are just nuts off-road.

My friend there is probably one of the best spotters around.

I wonder how much work there might be in putting axles from a Volvo C303 (Tgb-11) on that. And how much more clearence you would get.

Sidenote: RCV Off-Road Performance, , makes replacement cv joints for the axels used on the Volvo C303(4x4) and C304(6x6).
So there must be a market over there for such things.

I have heard it discussed, but we like our rigs narrow, my axles are 60" wheel mount to wheel mount, which is 2" wider than stock, the Unimog axles are 70+".

The trackwidth on the C303 axles are 154 cm (60.6")

Ill have to keep that in mind when/if I ever break my current setup bad enough.