Ultra Lightweight Competition (RESULTS!)

Welcome to the Ultra Lightweight competition! This competition will consist of many competitions, and an allround final winner.
I started the competition because I find light road cars very interesting, and specifically if they are fast for using in competitions.
Examples of cars I had in mind for this competition were the Caterham Seven, the 80’s MiniCooper, Mazda Mx-5, Detomasso Vallelunga, or the LCC Rocket, which are all lightweight cars, they are road legal, and they have a good performance at a track.


  • Automation Test Track Simulator: (10 points)

  • Quarter Mile time: (5 points)

  • Creativity: (5 points)

  • Aesthetics: (5 points)

  • Lowest Weight (8 points)

Weight limit: 650kg
Price limit: 50000
Permitted engines:
Inline 3
Inline 4
V6 (60)
Boxer 4

Engine size limit: 2000cc
Engine weight limit: 100kg
Engine loudness limit: 35
Trims year: 1970(included)-2012(included)
Safety minimum: 30
Tyre width limit: 195mm
Turbos are not permitted
No red notifications
No race parts are permitted (semi slicks included)
Only 2 wings/spoilers/lips are permitted
Downforce cannot bottom out
Aero fixtures need to be attached to the cars and visible
2 full seats needed
Ultimate fuel is forbidden

How to enter?
You will have to PM your .car file and thats all. If you break the rules there will be only one more opportunity, then there is disqualification.

Look at these babies

The limit for sending a car is june 10th 2021


A few questions/observations:

What year(s) are allowed for model/trim, family/variant?
What fuels are allowed?
How many seats minimum?
Why 200mm tire width limit? That is an odd racing number for a road-legal car. (i.e. tire width should end in a 5 if you want it to be a road car).


650kg for each car is a very low maximum weight value - and out of reach in the 21st century if I am not mistaken.

there we go

What mod bodies are banned? i can see this getting silly very quickly with 3d fixtures.

Can we pair a 2012 engine with a 1960 car model, as long as the trims is correct?

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To add to this,

I haven’t found a body where I can either
Meet the weight requirements without being unsafe
meet the safety requirments but then the car is too expensive, by a good 10-15k

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I did not ban mod bodies and as long the trims are correct you can put the engine you want if not it would be very difficult

I mean i could do it but you are right it was just on the limit so I lowered it to 30

Just want to mention the KTM X-Bow is an ultra-lightweight that was manufactured from 2008 and that has a turbocharged engine, so I don’t see why turbos are banned.

Also, it’s tyre sizes are 205mm on the front and 235mm on the rear.


Would semi slick tires be part of the “no race parts” ban? Or are they allowed?

If we’re talking about ultra lightweight and more “track” oriented. The Radical Rapture is road legal, has a 2.2L I4 Turbo and weighs 765kgs. This is much more track oriented though, and maybe not so much what you’re actually looking for, its just another example.

Another question, are lips counted in this? i would assume so since they create downforce.

They are part of race parts ban, i’ll update that to be more clear

i mean i believe the radical rapture is a little too expensive for the type of competition i set in this challenge (i believe it crosses the 100 grand though im not exactly sure) though it is an incredible car. Within the turbo prohibition i wanted the challenge to be with less powerful naturally aspired.
Lips are counted in the wing and spoiler limitation and i will updated for it to be more clear

Something like the Centurion Ballista?


looking really cool! excellent example

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epic, working on it rn

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Great Job dude! Great Competition I will defenetly participate. I wont miss thsi by any chance.

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Definitely not aiming for win with this one, as it is extremely unoptimised for the challenge, but here we go.
Jelkala LWSC


The Wells A1 Haul-R


Have to switch my attention somewhere else, so here goes. Engineering is pretty :crazy_face: but that’s probably why the laptime should be pretty competitive. However, I have no clue how to put a useful design on this. So, feel free to give me negative score in aesthetics…