UMM Motors Division

Hi all,

UMM Motor Co. is a company based in Portugal. Our main focus is building engines (for First and third party use) but we also have some in house cars, mostly high performance cars.
Our engines are more in line with the european and japanese philosophy.

Our company also builds engines on demand, if someone need a new engine and want the absolute best out of it, just give as a call and we will work together to make it happen. All we ask is due credit when you use that engine in your cars.

This thread will be updated as the R&D team come up with new and incredible engines.

The UMM Motors Devision is proud to announce a new set of engines for their next line up:

The 660CC kei engine EI407, this engine will be fit on a small entry level kei car (UMM Katsu):

The 660CC kei engine E1407 rev1, this engine share the same base with the previews one, but with adicional parts a an improve in HP, Torque and still maintaining the same level of economy.
This engine will be fit on a small medium level kei car (UMM Katsu AT*):

The 660CC kei engine RI407, this engine dont share anything with the previews one, this is a mean machine built from the ground up to take full advantage of the kei car regulations but still maintaining a good economy.
This engine will be fit on a high end sports kei car (UMM Akuma ART**) with the price tag to match it:

Now moving to a bit more powerfull machines:

The 1.8L engine RI418, this engine will be fit on a sports hatchback (UMM Alter ART) top of the line:

Race Engines:

The team first attempt to make an engine to race under FIA WRC2 regulations (2L NA). A lightweight 2L i4 engine with a rev limit of 8500. The engine was built from the ground up to race on WRC while keeping costs in mind.
(I would want to see the maximum torque around the 6500RPMS, but couldnt find a way to do it while maitaining high power at almost peak RPM)

*AT - Advanced Technology
**ART - Advanced Racing Technology

PS: As always feel free to give some advice and constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Here its an engine that we develop for Dragawn. He wanted an engine with 300hp and a good economy but also cheap and with a few man hours as possible.

We’re excited to see this engine mounted on his car, to see how it performs :slight_smile:

After some much needed break our engineering and R&D teams here at UMM Motor Co. are back in business.

Stay tuned for more engines on the next few days.

As always we are open to do some outsource work, if your company needs a specific engine give us a call and we can cooperate to give you a top of the line engine to fit all your needs.

Its good to be back :smiling_imp:

You have been gone a while…

Welcome back!

UMM Motors R&D team is excited to announce that we are currently working on a new race engine to compete at the WTCC. A small and lightweight I4 1.6L Turbocharged engine.

We are also looking to establish a partnership with other companies in order to build the chassis for our race teams.

Atm we need a WRC 2 chassi and a WTCC chassi for our upcoming engine.

If you want to be part of this project let us know, so we can work in close relationship to build amazing and competitive race cars.