Unable to fit an engine in the Esprit body

I spent a fair amount of time styling the '70s Lotus Esprit - lookalike car body.
But any real engine will not fit! I’ve tried longitudinal and transverse layouts, but it won’t work. The largest capacity engine I’m able to fit is something like 0.9 litres, otherwise the engine becomes too long to fit.
Any advice?

Which drivetrain type are you using? If it’s AWD, that would be your problem. If RWD, then… that would be odd! What suspension and chassis setup would you be using?

RWD. Double wishbones on both ends. Glued aluminium + carbon fibre.
Very strange ideed, as in real life the shell takes a 2174 cc four and a 3500 cc V8.

That’s odd. Something about your body is not parsing right. I’ve just checked my version, and as far as I can tell, while the engine in longitudinal layout would be a tad on the small size unless quite undersquare, I can fit a v8 of at least 88mm of bore transversely (without turbos).

I still haven’t been able to fit an engine; I tried restarting the game, tried also with a blank, new car body with no fixtures - no luck.

I tried N/A as well as turbo, doesn’t fit. My goal was to put in a small-capacity V8 Twin Turbo, but as for now, the small capacity for that means 0.4 litres!
Hopefully someone can help me…

Another question; some people have posted body designs based on a '60s mid-engine supercar (base body looks like a Ferrari Dino 246 GT). I don’t have that body in my game. What’s up with this?

You may need to unsubscribe to all mods, clean install everything including moving your saved files out of their native folders. I had some serious issues with my build last week, and that fixed it right up.

Yesterday I was able to fit a bigger engine. Very strange.
In addition, it happened so that at first I was able to fit a 2.2 litre engine, but when I quit the game and restarted, it would then allow 3.5 litres+

Very strange stuff…

My Esprit model seems to be working OK now. I was able to fit a 2.8-litre flat plane V8 twin turbo transversely, although turbo sizing was quite limited. But now this seems to be working as intended so good stuff.