Units for Fuel Economy, what Emissions are good/bad?

Will other Units for these values be implemented or does somebody know how to calculate them into more common units?

Im trying to make a fuel efficient and low-emission engine, but i have no idea what sort of values i should be aiming for,what emission values are good?

As for fuel consumption, how to calcualte from g/kWh to liter / 100 km?

That has been asked several times, use the search bar and you will find the answer.

i used the search but i only found threads stating that the real fuel consumption will only be calculatetable if the motor is actually fitted to a car, which makes sense.

although, are there any comparision values that i could use? i tried to google real world ones but i have not been able to find any yet.

The automation staff will be revising the emissions calculations.

Using kwh for emissions/stationary fuel consumption per hour doesn’t work that well when I’m not even using KW as my power unit

Should change to LB/HP hour when you change to imperial units

But I like using metric lengths and weights T_T

But, if fitted in a car like Toyota Corolla or Ford Fiesta, how much an engine will consume? Or, better, how one can calculate it?

That’s kind of like asking how fast your car will be if it has 200hp, it depends on lots of factors like how much drag the car has, how heavy it is, how effecient the gearbox is, what the gear ratios are. The only way you can properly calculate it is once you’ve designed a car and you know all those other factors

I didnt know that gears are such important thing for speed, i mean but im mr :mrgreen: