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Unreal Dev Update: Pre-Alpha First Look

Yes, finally it is here, a bit of footage of the Unreal port of Automation, with some new UI features and a tour through the still somewhat empty new design rooms.



Oooohhh… I’m going to watch this video RIGHT NOW!!!

I think it looks good so far. Also like the fact that there seems to be settings for just about any graphics setup and system hardware. I think it’s interesting to see the progress this far, and I’m actually interested in what might come from that ‘free roam’ button, unless that’s just a clever development tool.

Carbon fibre engine blocks with sparkles! Epic graphics settings! Office next to dyno room!
Wait, only one of those is real? Dang it!

after so many hours in the car-designers, i’m glad to see that the game-environment get this vivid touch. i alway asked my self hows the final gamesurface would be, now i see a direction which i like. thanks to give us a look in to this early stadium.

It’s looking really unrealy cool!!! :smiley:

Puts buried comment where almost no-one will read

As you see in the video there are all these little user ability tweaks. Like the better grid based selector, typing in values for bore and stroke, etc. Similar tweaks are also coming to the Car designer. Jaye has been rewriting it all from scratch for Unreal, and it can now do a few more subtle things and a bit less restrictive about some things. It’s all pretty exciting.


welp, im in school, hopefully youtube doesn’t delete itself for the next 6 hours

:nerd: :yum: Happy sounds beeing uttered. Looks very cool.
Will the MEGA complex engine designer be implemented into the first Unreal engined version,
or will that come later?:innocent:

@Killrob, you mention PC specs. Can I ask what your specs are? :slight_smile:

Oh, and can’t wait!!! :smile:

The relevant stats would be:
Win7 (64-Bit)
AMD FX-6200 3.83 GHz (Hexacore)
32 GB Ram
R9 270X

If we get the time to have the Engine Designer Revamp happen with Unreal then yeah, not sure that will be the case though, that alone would be about 1 month worth of work.

I can’t wait for both the tycoon part and now that I see the first look to the unreal engine, I can’t wait for the switch too!

Just to know if I get it right, the development order goes (not limited to, of course):
1- Tycoon implementation
2- Unreal engine
3- Engine revamp
4- Turbo & supercharger stuff
5- multiplayer

Loving it!

I have to ask about Brands with respect to the Tycoon mode. Will we be able to buy out other brands and brand names - like VW have - to be able to produce cars under their name and history, as well as be able to acquire their technology?

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