Unreal Driver, this fan-made driving simulator. If this existed, I would play it for years like 99999999999 lol. But this is not a builder though

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Ok, so here we go.
WARNING: Be aware, despite what the wiki is about (and so is the name), this is an unofficial non-existing game, but rather fan made.

Unreal Driver is a majorly realistic open-world driving simulator, like BeamNG.drive, using soft-body physics too. It takes inspirations from BeamNG.drive. It is also even a direct competitor to BeamNG.drive as well. The developers, publishers, and release date are unknown. It has six game modes, including Career (unlike BeamNG.drive’s Career mode, which takes many years to add, Unreal Driver has one finished), Campaign, Free Roam, Challenges, Time Trials, and Stunt Races. Hence its title being called “Unreal”, there is a possibility that it might use UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) at an “8K” resolution, if possible. The vehicle selection screen would be similar to that of Forza Motorsport 4, just with some visual notable differences. The detailed and surprisingly polished real-life graphics seem to be an even larger, and better improvement over The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience. It has over thousands of vehicles with tons of configs, which are all drivable, free (with no cost, since you can’t earn cash/coins/money/gems/etc. in game) and even appear as traffic. In fact, there are not only cars, trucks, buses, etc., but there are even tons of bikes, aircraft, trains, tanks, etc. The vehicles are also fully customizable, and have extremely detailed realistic shading, modeling, textures, paint color options from all the cars’ real-life counterparts, sampled engine sounds completely from all the cars’ real-life counterparts also too as well, and not directly ripped from YouTube videos. They are also customizable as well, and even applies to real car mods. There would not only be stock exhaust systems, but you can even install aftermarket exhaust systems especially for full-size trucks and SUVs like MagmaFlo, Borela, Dogfront, etc. or also have Diablo, etc. tunes too, with different exhaust sounds affecting it. Also includes authentic starter sounds from the same cars in real-life. There is also completely realistic automatic, manual, and sequential gear shifting, acceleration, braking, car handling, and even horsepower (kilowatts) and torque (newton meters). Unlike in BeamNG.drive, the GTA series, etc., all of the entire car manufacturers are just only based on one brand (e.g., for example, Xperia - based on Ford). There is 350+ maps, and 150+ racetracks as well. Even the lighting details are realistic enough too. The turn signal sounds are also identical to the real-life counterparts too. There are also tons of mods including real car mods, real tire mods, additional content, custom parts (engines, suspension, tires, wheels, etc.), numerous facelift mods, etc. The traffic even has real-time speed. Unlike in GTA or other open-world action games, etc., you can even get out of the vehicle, but actual humans aren’t involved in the game. However, even BeamNG.drive really does have this feature where you can get out of the vehicle, but in this game, all visual parts of the vehicle open in this game. Night cycles of course, and also even motion blur is available, and they can also be turned off. There is even rain, the water and mud puddles/floods have completely realistic splash effects, there is a terrain effect when driving on snow surfaces, the tire smoke (and its own sound) is also realistic too as well, and all of the vehicles have every factory and/or aftermarket configs as in real-life. The vehicle appearances are not just basically a full exact carbon copy of the real-life counterparts, but with in-universe fictional manufacturer badges (just like in Roblox’s own Greenville). but in this game, all of the cars are almost nearly from exact carbon copies of their actual counterparts unlike the said other game. This is most likely because of due to licensing or even copyrights. Even all of the gauge clusters for every entire car are nearly identical too as well. Unlike in BeamNG.drive, car and engine damage can be disabled. On the tow trucks, you can even lower and raise the hook cable. For the rollback trucks, you can also lower and move back the bed. And on dump trucks, you can move the dumper. You can also customize the speedometer HUD gauge and make your own as well. You can even create your own car commercial, ad, brochure, etc. The camera views also try to stand still (no shakes) every time, which is (sadly) an unfortunate problem in BeamNG.drive (possibly implies everywhere for a few minutes). Also interestingly, on some notable vehicles (such as the LTC Tornado, GMD Leone, LTC Propane, LTC Reno, and GMD Pioneer) since the 2014 light-duty and 2015 heavy-duty generation for trucks, and 2015 generation for SUVs), every time when started up, much exactly like from in their real-life counterparts (the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Yukon), the gauges will even sweep (move) during it. Just like from BeamNG.drive, you can make any vehicle (and its config) as your own default selection.

Vehicles (if possible):

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that these are just fan-made make and model names only and will not count their configs and/or even mods either. Also, just because we identify what vehicle each on the list they are based on, that does not mean carbon copies.


  • Abraham Explorational (Lincoln Navigator), a short wheelbase luxury full-size SUV.

  • Abraham Explorational M (Lincoln Navigator L), a long wheelbase luxury full-size SUV.

    • The Explorational standard wheelbase and Explorational M are both luxurious versions of the Xperia Execution, Xperia Execution LWB (2007-2017), while renamed to Xperia Execution Maximum (since 2018).
    • Despite the Xperia Execution LWB becoming “Maximum” for 2018, the Explorational M has not changed its name just like how the Lincoln Navigator L hasn’t changed its name too, unlike the Ford Expedition EL (renamed to Max for 2018).
  • Abraham International (Lincoln Continental), a series of mid-size and full-size luxury cars.

  • Abraham Series T (Lincoln Mark LT), a light-duty full-size pickup truck, and a rebadged, more luxurious version of the tenth generation Xperia XTL-Series.

  • Abraham MT (Lincoln MKS), a full-size luxury sedan.

  • Abraham ST (Lincoln MKT), a full-size 3-row luxury crossover SUV.

  • AMD Acer (AMC Pacer), a two-door compact car.

  • AMD Grem (AMC Gremlin), a subcompact automobile.

  • Bendey Bendayga (Bentley Bentayga), a mid-size luxury crossover SUV.

  • Bendey Eight Displacement (Bentley 8 Litre/Liter), a large inline 6-cylinder super-luxury car.

  • Bendey Four Displacement (Bentley 4 Litre/Liter), a motor car.

  • Bendey International (Bentley Continental), referring to several models of cars produced by Bendey Motors.

  • Bendey Three Displacement (Bentley 3 Litre/Liter), a car chassis.

  • Bendey Three Point Five Displacement (Bentley 3.5 Litre/Liter), a full-size luxury car.

  • Catholic Exelede (Cadillac Escalade), a short wheelbase luxury full-size SUV, and a more luxurious version of the aforementioned vehicles above, the LTC Reno, and GMD Pioneer.

  • Catholic Exelede EXLT (Cadillac Escalade EXT), a light-duty full-size SUV-based pickup truck, and a rebadged, more luxurious version of the LTC Solana.

  • Catholic Exelede LESV (Cadillac Escalade ESV), a long wheelbase luxury full-size SUV, and a more luxurious version of the LTC Propane and GMD Pioneer XL.

  • Celine C1 (Saleen S1), a hypercar.

  • Celine C7 (Saleen S7), a hypercar.

  • Frulix Equation (Suzuki Equator), a mid-size pickup truck. and a rebadged Hyter Trailrunner in the United States.

  • GMD Bottomhit (GMC Topkick), a series of heavy-duty + medium-duty chassis-cab-only commercial trucks; pickups for aftermarket only.

  • GMD Hurricane (GMC Syclone), a high-performance version of the GMD Napa pickup truck.

  • GMD Leone (GMC Sierra 1500 and GMC Sierra HD), a series of light-duty full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks, the GMD counterpart of the LTC Tornado).

  • GMD Napa (GMC Sonoma), a compact pickup truck, the GMD counterpart of the LTC T-10.

  • GMD Pioneer (GMC Yukon), a short wheelbase full-size SUV, the GMD counterpart of the LTC Propane.

  • GMD Pioneer XL (GMC Yukon XL), a short wheelbase full-size SUV, the GMD counterpart of the LTC Propane.

  • GMD Propane (GMC Suburban; 1937-1999), a long wheelbase full-size SUV, the GMD counterpart of the LTC Propane prior to the GMD Pioneer XL replacement.

  • GMD Savannah (GMC Savana), a range of full-size vans. It is the GMD counterpart of the LTC Trip.

  • GMD Season (GMC Terrain), a crossover SUV.

  • GMD Singer EV SUT (GMC Hummer EV SUT), an electric light-duty full-size pickup truck, simply referred to as Singer EV (Hummer EV); and badged as SEV (HEV).

  • GMD Singer EV SUV (GMC Hummer EV SUV), an electric full-size SUV.

  • GMD Spitfire (GMC Typhoon), a high-performance SUV, and is the SUV counterpart of the GMD Hurricane.

  • GMD Valley (GMC Canyon), a mid-size pickup truck, the GMD counterpart of the LTC Utah.

  • Godspark Century (Lordstown Endurance), a full-size electric pickup truck concept.

  • Hundae Airline (Honda Pilot), a mid-size crossover SUV.

  • Hundae Bridgeboard (Honda Ridgeline), a mid-size pickup truck. However, in Colombia, it was actually also known as the “Hundae Airline Bridgeboard”.

  • Hyter Knight (Nissan Titan), a light-duty full-size and heavy-duty pickup truck (Heavy Duty: CMT; Nissan Titan XD).

  • Hyter Trailrunner, (Nissan Frontier) a mid-size pickup truck, also known as Hyter Naria (Nissan Navara) in Africa.

  • Intentional MDT (International CV), a medium-duty chassis cab-only commercial truck, and a rebadged LTC Tornado Medium Duty.

  • LongBull Firehawk (Dodge Challenger), a pony car + muscle car.

  • LongBull Lakota (Dodge Dakota), a compact and mid-size pickup truck.

  • LongBull Plug (Dodge Charger), a fastback + hardtop + coupe + hatchback + full-size car.

  • LongBull SSD L-Series (Dodge Ram), a series of light-duty full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks, a direct predecessor to the rebranded SSD Pickup introduced for 2012.

  • LongBull Torque Van (Dodge Power Wagon), a four-wheel drive medium duty truck.

  • LTC 15000 (Chevrolet One-Fifty/150), an economy/fleet model of the LTC car from 1953 until 1957, also known as LTC Fifteen-Thousand.

  • LTC 21000 (Chevrolet Two-Ten/210), a midrange car from LTC that was marketed from 1953 until 1957.

  • LTC Bowerbird (Chevrolet Nomad), a station wagon.

  • LTC Fresh Prince (Chevrolet Bel Air), a full-size car.

  • LTC L/U (Chevrolet C/K), a series of light-duty full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks, and medium duty commercial trucks; pickups for aftermarket only.

  • LTC U5 Blimmy (Chevrolet K5 Blazer), a two-door full-size SUV.

  • LTC Blimmy (Chevrolet Blazer), a mid-size crossover SUV.

  • LTC Propane (Chevrolet Suburban), a long wheelbase full-size SUV, the LTC counterpart of the GMD Pioneer LWB.

  • LTC Panther (Chevrolet Camaro), a pony car + muscle car.

  • LTC Reno (Chevrolet Tahoe), a short wheelbase full-size SUV, the short wheelbase version of the LTC Propane, and the LTC counterpart of the GMD Pioneer.

  • LTC Solana (Chevrolet Avalanche), a light-duty full-size Propane-based pickup truck.

  • LTC T-10 (Chevrolet S-10), a compact pickup truck.

  • LTC Tornado (Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Silverado HD, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LD (2019 only), Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD (2022 only), and Chevrolet Silverado Medium Duty), a series of light-duty full-size, heavy-duty pickup trucks, and medium-duty chassis cab-only commercial trucks; pickups for aftermarket only, also known as LTC Denver (Chevrolet Cheyenne) in Mexico; exclusive to LD-15 (1500) style only. (Better yet, DON’T EVER FORGET anytime that this is 5 million times WAY better than the real counterparts all mentioned what is it based on, the Chevrolet Silverado. And same can be also even said for the GMD Leone (GMC Sierra counterpart) too as well (even though it still got nothing on a HD-45/HD-55 (basically 4500HD-5500HD; on a HD-35/3500HD body), white letter tires (aside from some), two-tone paint option(s), dual-panoramic sunroof, etc. from the factory, just like what I’m tired of already exists IRL).

  • LTC Tornado EV (Chevrolet Silverado EV), an electric light-duty full-size pickup truck.

  • LTC Tornado NACECAR (Chevrolet Silverado NASCAR), a stock race truck.

  • LTC Trip (Chevrolet Express), a range of full-size vans.

  • LTC Utah (Chevrolet Colorado), a mid-size pickup truck.

  • LTC Workhorse (Chevrolet Kodiak), a series of medium-duty commercial trucks; pickups for aftermarket only.

  • Mangury 8 (Mercury Eight), a full-size club coupe.

  • Mangury Cliffer (Mercury Mountaineer), a mid-size luxury SUV, and a rebadged Xperia Landranger.

  • Metal Commercial Vehicles MTL CM-1 (Terradyne Gurkha), a tactical armored vehicle.

  • Michabi Trighten (Mitsubishi Triton), a mid-size pickup truck.

  • Michigan Wasp (Hudson Hornet), a 2-door full-size coupe and 4-door full-size sedan (muscle car; 1951-1953).

  • Mossta CU-50 (Mazda BT-50), a mid-size pickup truck.

  • Newsmotive Silverado (Oldsmobile Toronado), a personal luxury car.

  • Pantiec Waterbat (Pontiac Firebird), a pony car + muscle car.

  • QMK QTRUX (VIA VTRUX), a hybrid + electrified light-duty full-size pickup truck, basically a rarely rebadged LTC Tornado of the second generation and third generation produced from 2010 to 2015 but built only as an EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) and equipped with a 4.3L TorqTech LU1 V6 (2010-2013), while PowerTech3 (2014-2015 of the same engine). (Note: The QTRUX is not available in the 2016 mid-cycle refresh and a third generation based on the fourth generation 2019 Tornado, which also includes a 2022 refresh).

  • Red Bat Ultron (Blue Bird Vision), a school bus.

  • Setla Spacetruck (Tesla Cybertruck), a battery electric light-duty truck.

  • Singer S1 (Hummer H1), a four-wheel drive utility vehicle.

  • Singer S2 SUV (Hummer H2 SUV), a large SUV.

  • Singer S2 SUT (Hummer H2 SUT), a large SUV-based pickup truck.

  • Singer S3 (Hummer H3), a mid-size off-road vehicle.

  • Singer S3T (Hummer H3T), a mid-size off-road vehicle, and a pickup variant of the standard S3.

  • Singer SX (Hummer HX), an off-road concept compact SUV.

  • SSD DeluxeMaster (Ram ProMaster), a full-size multiple length and roof commercial van.

  • SSD DeluxeMaster City (Ram ProMaster City), a compact commercial van.

  • SSD L-Series (Ram Pickup), a series of light-duty full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks, a direct successor to the former SSD trucks branded as LongBull, which were discontinued in 2011.

  • Stirling Shot (Sterling Bullet), a medium-duty vocational truck, and a rebadged SSD L-35/L-45/L-55.

  • Toyanda 8Walker (Toyota 4Runner), a mid-size SUV, sharing its platform with the Toyanda Tahoma.

  • Toyanda Lolux (Toyota Hilux), a series of pickup trucks.

  • Toyanda Tahoma (Toyota Tacoma), a mid-size pickup truck.

  • Toyanda Taiga (Toyota Tundra), a light-duty full-size pickup truck.

  • Toyanda Taiga NACECAR (Toyota Tundra NASCAR), a stock race truck.

  • Workforce W-1500 (Workhorse W-15), an electric light-duty full-size pickup truck, largely similar to an LTC Tornado Multiple Cab. It later became the Godspark Century.

  • Xperia Battlesnake (Ford Mustang), a pony car + muscle car.

  • Xperia Chase (Ford Escape), a compact crossover SUV.

  • Xperia EcoMode (Ford EcoSport), a subcompact crossover SUV.

  • Xperia Excurse (Ford Excursion), a heavy-duty full-size SUV, sharing its platform with the first generation XTL-25000 Super Duty.

  • Xperia Execution (Ford Expedition), a short wheelbase full-size SUV.

  • Xperia Execution LWB (Ford Expedition EL), a long wheelbase full-size SUV.

  • Xperia Execution Maximum (Ford Expedition Max), a long wheelbase full-size SUV, and a direct successor to the Execution LWB.

  • Xperia Landranger (Ford Explorer), a mid-size SUV.

  • Xperia Landranger Sport Truck (Ford Explorer Sport Trac), a mid-size pickup truck based on the regular Landranger.

  • Xperia Leone (Ford Sierra), a mid-size car or large family car.

  • Xperia Mighty XTL-35000 (Ford Mighty F-350 Tonka Truck Concept), a concept heavy-duty pickup truck.

  • Xperia Rancho (Ford Bronco), a full-size SUV; 1966-1996, while mid-size SUV; 2021-present.

  • Xperia Rancho II (Ford Bronco II), a compact SUV.

  • Xperia Rancho Sport (Ford Bronco Sport), a compact crossover SUV.

  • Xperia Trooper (Ford Ranger), a compact pickup truck; 1983-2012, while mid-size pickup truck; 2019-present (USA).

  • Xperia WV-Series (Ford E-Series; classified as “Super Duty” if WV-35000/WV-45000/and WV-55000. In-game, it is also known as the Xperia Economy, and Xperia Club Wagon, a range of full-size vans. In real-life, it is also known as the Ford Econoline and Ford Club Wagon. However, for 2015, the van variants were discontinued, leaving only chassis cab and other commercial-use variants.

  • Xperia XTL-15000 NACECAR (Ford F-150 NASCAR), a stock race truck.

  • Xperia XTL-15000 Thunder/Electric (Ford F-150 Lightning/Electric EV; not to be confused with the original SVC Thunder), an electric light-duty full-size pickup truck.

  • Xperia XTL-25000 Super Chief (Ford F-250 Super Chief), a concept heavy-duty pickup truck.

  • Xperia XTL-Series (Ford F-1, Ford F-100, and Ford F-150; or just only F-Series itself), a series of light-duty full-size pickup trucks, also known as Xperia Crush (Ford Lobo) in Mexico since 1992 (except for only one; the XTL-15000 X remaining). One of the best-selling vehicles ever.

  • Xperia XTL-Series Super Duty (Ford F-Series Super Duty), a series of heavy-duty pickup trucks, the default vehicle in the game. (POV: Me when I wanted to get a Super Duty IRL lol)

  • Xperia XTL-Series Super Duty (medium-duty truck) (Ford F-650/F-750 Super Duty), a series of heavy-duty + medium-duty chassis-cab-only commercial trucks; pickups for aftermarket only, which are owned by the company “XTL-65000 Supertruck”.

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