[Update] Most Powerful 2L I4

Can someone beat me? also if someone can pls tell me how bcs i just cant get more power out of this thing.

There is a way.

Lots of very fine tuning helps a bit

Is that knock I see, buddy?

(I like how our efficiency is different)

no knock but I think we hit near the upper limits of 2L i4s

938hp is probably the limit, however, torque can rise!

I’m calling it, this is absolute peak output, son here’s the car file: I4_Testbed_-_V1.car (18.4 KB)

Sorry, nope, the BS continues.

Last one honest: I4_Testbed_-_V1.car (18.4 KB)

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That does appear to be the limit (without delving into campaign +30s), mostly because the limit is the turbo itself.


@GameHero89 If you’re after a dyno pony go as oversquare as possible, this allows more rpm and a bigger turbo. not far off otherwise, a little tweaking and you can hit numbers over 940

Turbo size is based off the family bore, not the variant’s. so dropping the variant bore and stroke, and maxing out the family bore gives you a bit more turbo size to play with.

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Then this is peak output.

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How many times are you gonna claim to have reached peak power?

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Its not that much of an increase, but hey, its an increase.

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As many times as it takes to reach it. Btw, what happened to your valves?

its because of the stable build.
EDIT: Also, ngl 950hp is pretty much the limit imo. I struggled to get higher than 952, and thats with an engine that was 4cc larger than 2Ls. Unless you’re willing to bend the rules to allow something like 2010cc, I don’t think you’ll go any higher

Same power, more torque at 2000cc.

oh yis the turbo lag

It’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination.

I just can’t get your level of power even with 1 cc more… I just have 2Nm more than you do…

I love the neck breaking destination :rofl:

Hey would you send me the Car File i would Like having that engine for my Golf Dragster

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