How often is the game updated? I just bought supercharged edition, and I am very happy to partake in it! I would like to know how active the developers are!

Hi, and thanks for purchasing the game!

Large updates with lots of content come every 1-2 months.

Thank you much jakgoo!

Though sometimes they’re more like 3 months apart, but that’s usually because the update is huge and adds a lot of new stuff and changes :slight_smile:

Hi, maybe not in the thread that it should be but can you tell me what build should I be able to download? Because some time ago I saw that B1408 release on Youtube, but I am unable to download it. I reinstalled the launcher, but it keep saying that my B1362 is the latest version. Can you help me with this? Thank you in advance.

Once again sorry if I m posting in wrong thread.

the builds above 1362 are in open beta. You can download a patcher from the thread in this forum which will update your game to the most recent open beta (1412?) but be warned that there are still quite a few bugs in these releases, which is why they aren’t being released to everyone on the patcher.

The open beta can be found here.

Thanks :slight_smile: