Upping the RPM limit

any plan to up the RPM limit?

maybe my company will have to design some F1 engines in the future… :mrgreen:

Maybe one day, but for now its set at 12krpm as that about as high as any road car would ever go, and more RPM just ads more calculation and sound complexity for us

I don’t think that’s neccesary. Even most race cars don’t go up to 12,000 rpm. The new Indycar engines only go as high as 12,000, and the old one 10,500. NASCAR race cars don’t even reach 10,000 rpm. Only F-1 engines of the last 20 years have reached over 12,000 rpm.

12k is the starting point for sports motorcycles…

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indeed! my CBR250 doesnt actually make real power until its closer to 13-14,000rpm and then screams until its redline of 18,000rpm

at a guess though - upping the rev limit in general will add a lot more development - would need new sounds to record and pitch tune to make for the extra rev’s - more calculation for cam profiles and ignition timing ect - would probably need more work with the parts material’s - ie what bits can actually deal with that RPM and what cant ect - so id imagine there is a lot of work behind a small change at the front end

so while it would be a great feature it would put a lot more work on the dev’s who are already working flat out :astonished:

This :wink:

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Too bad this game is about CARS.

it is a shame but lets not forget its a car company tycoon game.besides the devs need to draw a line,otherwise you never get the original objective completed. :slight_smile:

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