UR2D2 Custom Racing Team Challenge (full)

I want to introduce you to a different type of challenge you’ve never done before. First off, BeamNG.drive isn’t the only game you can export your automation cars to (in a way). Introducing UR2D2, a top down racing game where you can easily make your own mod, and that’s what I’m doing, and I need 9 people to make their own cars (which I will specify later) to race them in a championship. Now you don’t have to own this game, but I will simulate a season (or more if people want to) and will post it in a separate discord server for everyone to see their results!
I have done this before a couple times, and here is an example

Alright, now for some rules and fun stuff. Each team (you) will have a budget in which you can make cars, but everyone who decides to participate must create 2 drivers (2 names) who will be your drivers in UR2D2. Now the thing is, that the more expensive your car is, the worse your drivers will be, for example the budget is 100k and you build a car that is 80k, and (driver ratings I’ll specify later) you will have terrible drivers that each cost 10k. So you must make a car with a big budget remaining to get a better driver for better performance, but you can’t sacrifice too much because a good driver can’t do a lot with a slow car, so you have the find the perfect balance in-between to maximize the money spent on the car while keeping enough money to hire good drivers. Also keep in mind 1 team has 2 cars, meaning however much your car costs, you must double it (e.g. 60k car time 2 is 120k so you have 70k left from the challenge budget). By car cost I mean Approximate Cost and not Material Cost or anything else. (Sorry for the misunderstanding, this should clarify it)

These cars are meant to be Track Tuned Road cars.

Now for the automation part (Rules and Regs.):
-Budget 190k
-Year 2016
-Semi-Slick Tyres only
-Hydraulic Power steering, NO traction aids
-Minimum 2 full seats
-Safety, 2000s Basic or better
-Sport Interior
-Quality Slider maximum ±2
-Super +1 Fuel (aka 99 RON)
-Must have Catalytic Converter and 1 Muffler
-Gearbox either Manual or Dual Clutch

And now for what matters (These are the info and stats I need to import your cars into UR2D2):
-Top Speed
-Torqse Power (HP + Nm / 2)
-Track Time (Automation)
-Cost / Budget Remaining

With all these information I will adjust your cars Top Speed, Acceleration, Turbo Power, Handling (in order for the top 4 stats) to what it needs to be compared to other cars. I will rate all stats from 0-10 (0 being the best, 10 the worst) If this is confusing here is an example:
Let’s say there are 3 cars and each go 200mph, 199mph and 188mph. Car 1 and 2 will receive a rating of 0 while Car 3 will get a 1 or a 2 depending on the other cars difference in top speed from the others.
This will determine the speed your car will go in UR2D2.
And to finish off, I need a top down picture in automation with the White Mirror 2010 and the Light Tint Brightness Value set to 0, and changing the color of the ground to the opposite of your cars (and also do not make it the same color as the windows/windshield)

Driver Ratings and Pricings (each team that submits and entry just submit 2 driver names):
0-10 (0 being the best, 10 being the worst)
0 55,000
1 49,000
2 42,500
3 35,000
4 30,000
5 25,000
6 20,000
7 15,000
8 10,000
9 6,000
10 3,000

And that’s it, if you need more info please contact me and join the discord server to place your entry!

Deadline is when all the 10 teams submitted their car, after that they will have 1 day to tune or adjust the car to their liking!


Spoke to shimmel a bit, (I helped him with the original UR2D2 Challenge and am also seeing if i can help here, and also originally came up with the idea) and he told me that his idea for the type of cars is Tuned Road Cars/Road Cars for the track. Commenting this early, he’ll change it in the post soon.

Also, for anyone who knows very little about UR2D2 i am happy to answer questions, and im sure Shimmel is too. Just know that if you look at the first picture in the post, the car that won was the Mars. Straight line speed can be slightly overpowered.


Can we use variable hydraulic power steering and/or ABS, or are we not allowed to use either of them?

Also, given the $190k budget per, anyone wishing to hire two drivers whose ratings are both 0 will have $122k/2 = $61k left for their cars.


Hey, yeah we are updating the driver prices and removing the HP cap to diversify the cars. As for the power steering I would say no as they are track cars and also won’t affect any of your stats other than extra weight and cost. (also make sure to join the discord server to compare your car with current entries)


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Does this refer to the trim year, or to the model year as well?

(i.e. can my car be a 2016 trim of a 2010 car?)