User name not found


I downloaded the demo but can;t play it.
I am prompted for a username and password but it will not take my username and password I use here on the forums. It says user name not found.
Is there something I am doing wrong?

Make sure to activate your key if you haven’t already. That might be the problem.

This is what I am seeing.

When I click on the activate preorder button it says this is your active key so I assume it is already activated.

Remember that’s username and passwords are case sensitive. If it’s not that you will sadly probably have to wait till the devs awake up again…

That was it! Thanks.

That is the first time I have ever seen case sensitive requirements for usernames.

i can´t finde the way to active my nr for the demo. what to do what to do?

Sorry for the case sensitivity, i’ll add it to the to do list to check it over.

activate my nr? I assume you mean game key. As your profile says you have the Turbocharged edition I assume you have found it?

nop i can´t find it. when i click the activate preorder button i just se the game key but not the way to activate the game key? how do i find it?

You don’t see the Download Automation Launcher link beneath your key?

You have your key activated already, that why you can see it.

it´s working now .