Using one Engine Family in more than one Car Family

After introduction of factorys and engineer teams i thought it would be a good idea to create one jack of all trades engine to use in many different car designs. (not just car trims.)

the game supports this idea until it comes to the teams and factorys. Maybe i havent figured out the right way but i am Unable to get it working so that one big factory produces engines for many different car factorys. isnt the feature in the game yet or am i just too stupid to get it?

Maybe it would make sense to seperate the engines developement form the car developement a bit further so that this concept (which to my knowledge is used quite often in real cars) is more cost efficient and would support better developement and higher reliability

PS: i know that my english isnt that great so please be kind with typos or unsual sentences

Currently this is not in the game. With how the game is currently the factories are built as if each car was your first car, they do not look at any of the other cars you may have built. Once the campain mode is added this is planned to be added in so you the required engine take into account all car families you have that use said engine.


that means this feature does need some more month until it comes into the game :frowning:

is it this difficult to implement or is it so unimportant?

because at the current state it is very difficult to make an good car that is affordable with all the development cost

I cannot speak to how difficult it is or isn’t, but it is a building block platform. Before you can have B you need A. Before you can have C you need B. And so on. The game has come a long way, but isn’t fully complete yet. The feature you are asking about is part of the Tycoon/Campaign platform, so it is last, but certainly not unimportant. Before we can have a tycoon game about an automotive company, we have to have something to build and sell in our company. Tycoon has only recently been introduced into the game in it’s beginning stages, in the form of factories and enginners, so expect more in the near and far future on this aspect of Automation.


I remember playing the game and simulating myself a tycoon mode and I used the same engine in a bunch of different cars. Actually the same engine and in cars from different years, with engines from one year made from families from 1940 still. I’ve been a little out lately but isn’t it possible anymore?

I’ve definitely reused a lot of existing engines. Both for RP purposes and to avoid the inconvenience of having to build a new engine for each car. Even with the current development limitations, it works very well.