Utadar Orbit Manufacturing Co

Founded in 1937 by the Yermolayevich family, Orbit strives to make the greatest cars in Utadar. Known for their durability and reliability, they have been the most popular car manufacturer in Utadar since independence.


1946-1958 Orbit Roadster

After the war ended, drunk Orbit employees decided that it was a good idea to build a two-seater sports car nobody could afford. The result was 6,591 Roadsters selling in 12 years and Orbit filing for bankruptcy. Today, the Roadster is seen as a classic example of Utadarian engineering, and commonly sells for $1,000,000 or more at auctions.


1948-1958 Orbit Sedan

Due to the failure of the Roadster, Orbit decided to make something the average Utadarian could afford. Powered by a 1.5L twin-cam engine, the Sedan was no slouch, but decreased costs and realistic markups meant the Sedan could sell a total of 250,000 units, despite the advanced engine.

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1958-1981 Utadar Car

After Utadar declared independence in 1958, Orbit was ordered to build a state car that would show off Utadar’s car-building experience. The result was a small, affordable station wagon that went on to sell over 5,000,000 units during its 23-year lifespan before being replaced by the Badger sedan.

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1969-2003 Orbit Luxury

Due to the success of the Utadar Car, the now state-owned Orbit decided to make a luxury car to celebrate 1.5 million Utadar Cars sold. Powered by a 2.8L 144 hp DOHC aluminum V6, the Luxury was extremely popular with wealthy Utadarians and was produced almost completely unchanged for 34 years, and is still popular on the used car market.

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1969-present Orbit Van

While Orbit was designing the Luxury, they also decided to release a van for the common blue-collar working man. The Van is powered by a 114 hp 2.4L V6 mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. Due to demand for a large van in Utadar, the Orbit Van managed to sell over 100,000 units in 1969 alone and is still produced to this day.


I think that they would be filing for bankruptcy on day one with those figures :joy:


1969-1990 Utadar Coupe

In 1969, Orbit, being notorious for using the same old technology in all of their cars, decided that it was time to release an innovative car, which became the Utadar Coupe. Powered by a 1.6L fuel-injected four-cylinder engine, the Utadar Coupe, despite being ahead of its time, was too expensive for the average Utadarian, but it was popular with wealthy Utadarians and sold over 100,000 units before being discontinued in 1990.

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You’re right. But they also had a few cash cows.


1972-1979 Orbit GT280

In 1971, Leopard Motor Corporation released a Ferrari knockoff, so Orbit felt like they were being outclassed by privately-owned companies and decided to release their own cult classic. The GT280, powered by the Orbit U6-280S engine, was universally acclaimed by Utadarian auto magazines, but was too expensive for most Utadarians and less than 10,000 were built. Today, the GT280 is still popular with collectors and commonly goes for over $250,000 at auctions.

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Great start! I can’t wait to see more of this!

1975-present Orbit Pickup

In the 1970s, Utadarian farmers started buying imported Japanese pickup trucks, so Orbit decided to build their own pickup. Powered by the U6-280H engine, the Pickup was more powerful than the Toyota Hilux and managed to overtake it as the most powerful pickup in Utadar until the release of the Leopard LTN. Even then, the Pickup has only had one facelift in 42 years and is still popular today.

1975-1994 Regular Cab

The truck that started it all, the 1975 Pickup was powered by a 131 hp 2.8L V6 mated to a 4-speed manual with overdrive, and was capable enough for Utadarian farmers. During this generation’s 19-year lifespan, over 2.5 million trucks were sold.

1994-present Regular Cab

In the early 1990s, sales of the Pickup started to drop, as the U6-280H was starting to feel obsolete. Orbit answered those complaints with a facelifted truck, with the average middle-class Utadarian in mind. With a standard Orbit A6-350 engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with 4WD, over 200,000 were sold in 1994 and sales kept going up after many famous hip-hop artists bought them, with over 5,000,000 sold as of 2017.

1994-present Crew Cab

In addition to the single cab, Orbit also released a crew cab Pickup. Sales were initially slow, but eventually, after famous Utadarian rapper MC Utadar bought a crew cab Pickup in 1995, sales started to pick up, and the crew cab Pickup soon became legendary among Utadarian rappers. Today, most Pickups sold are crew cab models, with over 400,000 out of approximately 585,000 Pickups sold in 2016 being crew cabs.


Wilson is about to release a compact car for 1979. I like your designs, so is it OK if Wilson and Orbit enter into a partnership?

Wilson-Orbit Partnership (Part 1)

By the late 1970’s, Orbit had already grown into the largest car manufacturer in Utadar, but still had trouble gaining marketshare elsewhere. To resolve this issue, Orbit decided to partner with Wilson Motor Company, one of the largest car manufacturers in the United States. The first car to result from this partnership was the Stunt, a Wilson-designed, Orbit-powered compact car. The Stunt sold very well, and went on to pave the way for more vehicles coming out of this partnership.


1981-2016 Orbit Badger

The Utadar Car, despite being the best-selling car in Utadar, was starting to feel outdated, so Orbit replaced it with the smaller, sleeker, more fuel-efficient Badger. Available as a sedan, ute, or van, the Badger, despite being slower and less powerful than the Utadar Car, was an instant hit among Utadarians and has sold over 10,000,000 units as of 2017. In 2016, Orbit decided to release a more modern Badger, which has already sold over 750,000 units since its release.


Adding ute and van variants later!


Perfect people’s car! At a first glance, it seems like the Stunt and Badger would be competing with each other, but after taking a look at the two, I have come up with an idea of what Badger owners and Stunt owners would want from their cars:

  • Badger buyers want a reliable, inexpensive car that lasts forever. They don’t need an extremely powerful or efficient car, they just want something that will get them from A to B for the next 30 or so years.

  • Stunt buyers want a modern, efficient car with a sleek (for the 80’s) design. They find the Badger slow, unrefined, and polluting.

1982-1990 Orbit GT430

After the GT280 was discontinued, people were wondering how Orbit could continue the GT280’s legacy. They eventually decided to try a front-engined V8 performance car. The result was the GT430, a car that could not only attract performance-starved buyers, but also outperform the GT280 around the track. Powered by the new all-aluminum A8-430S engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, the GT430 is still the second fastest Utadarian car ever made and managed to sell over 200,000 units before being replaced by the critically panned GT220.