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V16 doesn’t fit in ANYTHING that I want to use

I hit the v16 with hopes that it will fit in something that looks even remotely good, I hop in the game aaaaand every single body I try the engine is too big for it. Already refunded it and HOUR after buying in it fix the issue and I’ll buy it again :man_shrugging: Idk add a option to turn size limits off for cars uploaded to beamNG

“Anything I want to use” isn’t very specific, unfortunately. Also, you could just decrease the engine size. Automation is meant to be about more or less normal cars, and those don’t have engines larger than 7-8 litres.

Why give the option to go bigger then I’m just saying for those who want to make dumb cars that are meant for nothing more than a straight line there should be a option to turn the cap off

Because they’re dumb. end.


Because those limits are universal for all the engine layouts, and they actually make sense for, say, V8s (although rather separately - going 120x120 isn’t all too optimal).

And that would require additional dev work for a quite niche feature, which in addition is far from the main focus of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I get why you’re upset and understand it, but even the idea of doing that in Automation is just a side effect of its design, not really an intended thing. Besides, you should easily be able to shove 3000+ hp in some supercar bodies, though it will most probably be easier with a V12 or even a V10 - V16s are as cool as they are looong. And there’s much more possibilites with editing the exported files, but for me that’s some unknown witchcraft - some say though that’s quite easy.

Hey Dorito!

Because that’s not how the game works. You can’t just turn the engine bay limitations off and expect the car to function properly in-game or in beam. There are quite a few mod bodies with massive engine bays, but they’re pretty jank in other ways. As for the vanilla bodies, the devs would have to make a separate variant with massive engine bays, but considering how many bodies and variants there are for vanilla bodies it’s just not worth the effort.

Besides, the V16 DLC was just a fun extra that was supposed to be given to early backers of the game since there the engine layout is pretty rare. Not to mention, the beam exporter was also a late addition (relatively so) into the game’s development, and is still being iterated on. To you and many others, automation might not be more than a tool for making cars for beam, but there is still a tycoon game somewhere (assuming it gets finished any time soon lmao)


Unless it’s has been patched out, you might still be able to fit ANY engine in a beam export.

  1. make car with small engine
  2. edit engine in engine editor for stupid big
  3. export car

It used to work. Can’t test right now.

I really don’t know where you’re coming from. I use V16s during campaign mode(because fun) all the time with no issues at all. There a loads of bodies that allow huge V16’s in them and most of the other allow small V16’s in them. Unless of course, you’re expecting to fit a rear mounted V16 on a tiny Hatchback. I’m guessing you can’t fit V12s anywhere too, since a V16 is basically just 2 cylinders longer than a V12. Ok this was the reply to the rant part…

Now something useful:
Don’t design the engine before choosing a body. choose the car body first and then you’ll see how much space the engine will take on the engine bay when you’re actually sizing the engine. Also, the number of cylinders and CC’s are not the only thing that determine how much space it takes.
Also remember, some engine bays may not be long enough for an I6 but can fit a v12 transversely. It’s all about how you fit the engine to the car and not the car to the engine.