V6 hot hatch anyone?

I’d recommend opening up the headers a little bit, but beyond that, great first effort.

Ok, here it is the Blazar… a mid-engined hot hatch :smiley:

What exactly do you mean?

Trust me… it will come.


What exactly do you mean?[/quote]

Use a minimum of tubular on your headers when making performance engines.

V6 HOT hatch you say?
Coming very soon to AMW Showrooms is the new Mantis HP!

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The Centauri Sprite V6 GT made a healthy 243hp from it’s 2.4L DOHC V6, routed through a 5 speed limited slip front end thanks to it’s low weight that was enough for 31mpg and a squeak under 14 seconds in the quarter mile.

K’s Works Boxster-S AWD
Sport Luxury Hatch

Back looks like a bit of a clusterfuck, front is nice doe. Really nice designs here, keep it up! :smiley:

may I present my monster Hatch? a limited edition Pampero V6 powered by 3352cc DOHC VVT V6 that is way overbuilt (+6 quality in most sections), grippy expensive tires, 26mpg and stonking 282 HP

engine and body year: 1995

Does the automation track in a hair under 150 seconds

In my car forum you can look in the last page the New Montes Urban 3.0 MRP.

It would be nice to have a hatchback with MR-layout for that one :slight_smile: