Valence Automobiles of America


Founded out of a converted Tank Factory on the outskirts of Detroit, Valence started as a project between a wealthy chemist, and a not-so-wealthy engineer.

1946 Valence 100 Sedan & Utility

The 100 Series were a pair of cars made for a growing market of american families coming back from ww2. The 100 Sedan was spacious and well equipped and sold well all across the USA and Canada to families of various backgrounds and heritages.

The 100 Utility was made use of my Various companies for transport and delivery, employing a unique horizontal split gate design to allow easier loading and unloading due to the lack of a side door.


Not a bad start, quite frankly. The early post-war era saw very few new cars on the market for civilians to purchase after the major companies spent four years making military hardware for the war effort, so the Valence 100 would have been a welcome addition to the marketplace.

These cars look very realistic and on point.

1952 Valence 200 Sedan

Released in 1952 as the replacement for the 100 Sedan, the 200 was slightly more up market compared to the 100, with a radio included as standard. With an all new 6L V8 powering the rear wheels, the 200 became a comfortable cruiser for any family.


1955 Valence Durene Sport Coupe (D1)

Released in 1955, the Durene was a new step for Valence. the D1 featured a 3L Inline 6 mounted in the front, instead of an expected V8. This lead to initial sales of the Durene to be slow, as everyone saw it more as a regular roadster over the advertised sport coupe.

Later advertising campaigns and pushes saw sales increase, especially around the time of the unveiling of the Raoult Concept (To come later)


So, the 1960 Valence 300 would go here, but no body fits what I want, so that car is being “Skipped” but still exists

1960 Valence Durene Raoult Concept

Shown off to the world in 1960, the Raoult Concept was a showcase of what the Durene would become in the future, and how it would shape and evolve.

At the core was a 3L V6, based upon the 3L Inline 6 from the D1, tuned for maximum performance, but the main feature was the visual spectacle.

The Design was taken to be reminiscent of a Shark, with a gaping maw and aggressive fins adorning the bodywork. The Exposed exhaust sections were taken to be like the gills of a shark, and the bars in the grille like the teeth.

Valence assures that the Upcoming D2 Durene, which will release within 5 years, will be very similar to the Raoult Concept in visual style, but will be stronger internally.


Time for a massive lore jump

2019 Valence Atomica Concept.

“The Limits of What we can do is pushed into the heart of the Atomica”

905hp, 3L Twin Turbo V8, Full Carbon Fibre, and a hell of a load of Aerodynamics. This is the Engineering of Valence pushed to an extreme.