Vannin Design: Cosmetic Tuning Company

Gentlemen, I give you the GrandSport Chaser platform below. The car has a 2.6L V8 putting out 210HP and just has a big torque line from start to finish. It’s a bit tame, but it keeps it’s sportiness with the responsiveness, the speed, all underneath the tame styling.

It would be great to see if you can improve on this car without making it look like what it’s not. It’s no record breaker, it’s just a property sporty little car. We’ve attached the specs and configuration for you to look at as well in your attempts.


Chaser - Rev0 - Models
2.6L FP 32V DOHCRev0.lua - Engines
Chaser - Rev - 0 - Platforms
Chaser - Rev0.lua (76.6 KB)
2.6L FP 32V DOHCRev0.lua (43.9 KB)
Chaser - Rev - 0.lua (19.3 KB)