Vannin Design: Cosmetic Tuning Company

Vannin Design is an automotive cosmetic tuning company founded by Aaron Cottam (me) on the 20th July 2014. We offer a unique service to our customers, by producing cosmetically enhanced models of existing cars. Think of it as plastic surgery for your cars. We can transform your drab mainstream hatchback into a car that oozes class!

Any sort of cosmetic transformation is possible, from sports sedans to hypercars!
NOTE: We don’t tune engines!

Feel free to send in your cars (only the platform is required) with a certain look you would like us to achieve, and me and TheTom will see what we can do!

Maybe you can make the HCW SB a nice look for the last production of it
Well i will make the engine by myself

NOTE: Don’t change the lights (28.3 KB)

could you update this car to amke it look more like present day car? I ask 2 things

1: enough venting to cool a big NA v8
2: all FMUs have some sort of splite grille with the badge sitting in the gap, keep that if possible…
FMU AGUARA - Rev - 0.lua (22.4 KB)

I will start work on pending requests tomorrow.

EDIT: Actually, I’ve got lots of spare time so I’ll get started now :stuck_out_tongue:.

Finally, here it is! The very first design by Vannin. Manche sent in his FMU Aguara, asking for a conversion to a more modern styled hatchback, but still inkeeping with the body’s square features. To be honest, I thought the car looked fine to begin with, but the customer wanted modern. And we gave him modern.
Before and after pictures are below.

We hope this will be the first of many happy customers of Vannin Design.

hello I have designed a car that I really like I call it the Charma Mirra, but I cant get the rear of the car to match the aggressive look of the front. I would be interested in seeing what you can do to fix the rear but please do not touch the front as I feel its perfect. I do know I want it to have dual exhaust and wingless. other that go nuts! if you’d like to make a second version of the car where you can change the front up a bit as like a special edition feel free to have some fun but not too crazy if ya know what I mean :slight_smile:

thanks cant wait to see the outcome :slight_smile:

Charma Mirra - Rev - 0.lua (23.6 KB)

Hi Supraman! Here’s the revised rear end, i hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Hey tom,

looks great my only question is would it be possible to make that exact tail light about double that size and where the license plate would go a little wider ? other then that i really like this and think you did awesome !

Alright, here it is :slight_smile:

Charma Mirra - Rev - 1.lua (29.2 KB)

Did you made my HCW SB? because the newer version is going to be released

yes i did, i hope you like it :slight_smile:

Ok just give me the car on PM,

We from Agillio Car Company are requesting a race version for the Fernuccio. You can modify the bodykit, acessories and so on… We’ll do the engine!
Fernuccio - Rev - 1.lua (22.5 KB)

Okay! We will get started tomorrow!

Still waiting for my Silvano to be tuned, Mr Pleboviç

Will work on it now, Mr. Bartelucci :stuck_out_tongue:
Should be done by tomorrow.

Here it is - the Silvano. Made for WizzyThaMan. Personally, I really liked the rear of the car already, but I decided to make it look more… square. I also tried an experiment with one of the badges to create a boot/trunk handle.
Hope you like it!

Here is the race version of the Agillo Fernuccio. We have provided more than adequate cooling to make sure you can pack this machine full of horses without any melting or explosions. I took some inspiration from the Lancer Evo VI for the front. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks pretty damn cool man! Nice job! Could be the sport version of my car!

Thank you very much!