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This Topic is a "Thread’’ where i keep the comunity posted about my best creations from my car company “Ventura Automotive Company”! Lore: Ventura Automotive Company (or Ventura Automotive or just Ventura) is a dutch Based Car Brand with its HQ In Dordrecht The Netherlands (Yes thats a real city i grew up there IRL) And the factory is located in The port of Rotterdam! Ventura makes cars ranging from vans to Le Mans Hypercars So basicly everything! The Company started in 1981 and is still presant today! With our most recent creation being the Ventura Type 48! (See source 1) About Me: i have been facinated with cars and the mechanics for most of my life and when i bought this game (between 1.5 years and 1 year ago) i was amazed! so dont expect some highly detailed cars im trying my best and im learing new things everyday! without further ado! i hope you like my cars and feedback is always welcome!

Source 1


My main feedback would be changing the focal length (I think it was that? I’m a photo noob) so that the car(s) fills out more of the pic :stuck_out_tongue: The car looks like a pretty nice race car? track toy? Well, track kinda thing anyway.
IMO it’s also cooler if there’s some info about the car included, makes it more engaging for me.

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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thanks for the feedback!
and it is indeed focal length (im an irl Car photographer i post my stuff on insta and stuff) but yeah the type 48 is based off the Porsche 804 body mod by i forgot who its amazing yes there is still room for improovment such as my steering wheel (Logitech G29) Vibrates alot under braking but its fixable but i also have a version where it has a wing its definitly a fun car! but yeah ill be posting my car projects here i hope to hear more from you!

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