Ventura Automotive [Making New Company]

Ventura Automotive proudly presents…

Welcome to Ventura Automotive HQ , where we specialized in premium car builds and luxury cars because that’s our point of our company! We may not only build premium cars or luxury cars but potentially we could be build some cheap cars for those who loves our car but doesn’t have any budget to buy our cars! There’s no car in a moment because we just recently open and we’re starting at the early 70’s because why not? Stay tuned for our cars in the future!

1970 Ventura Astro

Starting off the company with a huge land-yacht that every American need for , this 1970 Ventura Astro is a rival to the 1970 Lincoln Continental which is an unexpected scenario for the Lincoln company.The exterior may look like an ordinary car but the inside features really comfy and nice leather in it and featuring high-tech digital gauges where you can see every details in the car like digital clock , digital speedometer and revmeter and you can check your gas gauges in a groovy style!

As you can see , Ventura Design Department really really puts a lot of work into this car for satisfying the customers and attracting possible celebrities and others!

The designer who designed the engine carefully crafting this beast engine to haul 6 people in Astro producing 320 HP , making it a lot of horsepower coming from this 7.0 single overheadcam V8 and possibly Ventura could offers 6.5 V12 for those who wasn’t satisfied enough with the V8 but Ventura isn’t confirming this as producing a V12 engine could be an expensive job.

And that’s my first car in this forum! Hope you guys like it!



this game needs to add hood ornaments.

Like these

It’s the only thing missing from this car.

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A nice start. Does it fare well in the market? I find my luxury cars tend to do very nicely.

As in matter of fact , it does pretty well in Muscle Premium , Hyper and Utility Sport Premium although this car aims towards to Luxury but a nice start for a new company.

1970 Ventura Whisper GT-X

Every American car company have a muscle car so Ventura Automotive build one! A premium muscle car for those who loves premium stuff and a lot of power roaring from the engine at the same time.You’re probably wondering why this car named is Whisper? It’s because you can hear it “whispering” miles away from you due to 7.5 OHC V8 screaming from a long distance!

The design of this car is stylish and aggresive at the same time although when the car not moving , it still looks great.Some say that this is Ventura Astro Coupe because the front-end is similar to that sedan and they’re right! Ventura Designer took some inspiration from the Astro and took’em to this premium muscle car.

Possibly the biggest engine Ventura have built.Producing 360 HP from OHC V8 , the engine screams and producing very beautiful sound from dual straight through exhaust pipes.

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That is a sweet looking car.

Agreed. Very original looks.

Thanks for the kind respone , my beatiful peoples! Next up , a sneak peek to the rear engine sedan.

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1971 Ventura Nexus RE-X

Many car company took a risk to make a rear engine sedan and most of them did pretty well like Tucker Torpedo and other rear engine sedans.So , Ventura Automotive took a chance to make a rear engine sedan by taking your average family sedan and put them in the rear to make it more exciting and fun driving experience and RE-X stands for Rear Engine Xperimental.

Since the customers really love the front-end of the Astro and Whisper , they decided to make their iconic front-end into this car and Ventura Automotive will put this front-end design on every their car ever produced.

American front-end , European rear-end because Ventura Automotive want to have some variation to these cars.

Running on 3.5 DOHC Inline 6 producing 207 hp , the engine is pretty responsive and pretty powerful for a 3.5 DOHC Carburetted Inline 6.

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1985 Ventura Parade Turbo-S

Small car? Check!
3 door? Check!
Inline 6 in a small compact car? Check!

Originally , they wanted to put V6 in this little nimble car but founds it’s pretty unstable to drive and unsafe too so they switched V6 to Inline 6 and it drive pretty well.A lot of compact cars using Inline 4 but Ventura Parade Turbo-S is different!

Ventura Designer still keeping their iconic front-end that they used since 1970! And it still looks good on every car they ever produced.The only changes of the front-end is just the headlights from circle to square to make it more modern touching in it.

Running on 1.4 DOHC Inline 6 TURBO with alot of POWAA! Producing 132 HP from turbocharged Inline 6 and it still quiet as your average city compact car equipped with reverse flow and straight through exhaust for music to your ears!


Sheesh! That’s an awesome idea! Bet that must be the smoothest hatchback ever made.

I am afraid you’ve compromised too much by going i6.

Well , why not? Ventura Automotives are just experimenting putting i6 in a small compact car and see if it’s working pretty good or bad.

What I mean is you’ve compromised the company a bit by creating an engine that would have very little use outside this car. It’s very much small, so you can’t really effectively power a bigger car by the same engine by overboring it or giving it a bigger stroke crank. The engine in it’s first variant seems to be pushing all it can, and has minimal growth potential. For example the flug i6 is a 2.7 liter when it first came out, but it can be modified to be a 3.9, so that would be saving money on designing a whole new engine for other cars, also that would mean that I have a variety of displacements for a wider variety of cars I might produce in the future. That is all relevant if you’re roleplaying the company, though.

As of “in this car in particular” the choice of a 6 cylinder made it about 20 kilos heavier than a cast iron i4 of a similar displacement, and weight is the enemy of all things good.

Well , that’s a pretty long answer but hey , i’d take this as an advice.Probably not doing same scenario in the future.

Nothing wrong with smaller displacement I6s , i dont know what Venturas bore and stroke settings are at, but something like an RB20 could easily be made. Not every small city car has to have another boring cookie cutter inline 4 from this era.

It’s your company, do whatever you like. Good or ill, that’s the joy. You can find what works, and what’s cool.

I for one love using small displacement I6s :slight_smile: But I try to use them in as many cars as possible.

Also for the exact same displacement an I6 will tend to be lighter than an I4 depending on bore/stroke.

1999 Ventura Impor V12-Wagon.

Inspired by Jaguar XJS Shooting Brake , the reason why Ventura Automotives decided to build a V12 station wagon is because a lot of people demands a V12 station wagon especially those rich customers who wants’em and then boom! Impor V12-Wagon is borned.

Combining Luxury , Prestige , Comfort and Sport into the car design , Ventura Designer claimed that this is a car from the future! It looks clean and some futuristic elements in this design.This car can attract young and old customers because it was designed to be attracted! The interior is your finest luxury interior ever and it came with Luxury CD in it so you can watch your favourite movie in your loong journey! Impor only offers 6-speed automatic at the moment and possibly 6-speed manual in the future! Who knows right? Only Ventura Automotives decide.

Possibly the smoothest V12 engine has been produced straight from the Ventura Factory , this V12 is special because it has pretty good economy and redlining at 7500RPM producing 316 hp , straight from straight through and baffled exhaust making it a beautiful exhaust note from a smooth V12.Also , turbo is equipped onto this engine and it tuned to be fuel-efficient V12 , kinda weird for a V12 engine but who cares , right?

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