VFA 950 shooting brame v6

hey, I’m Vitor from VTR Motors. Welcome to the community!
The game has a photo scene where you can take in-game pictures of you cars, so you won’t need to take pictures from your phone.

Also, does your car have rear brakes, or those are drum brakes? And you probably shouldn’t put the door handles so low - that’s not very practical. And there’s a part of the front lip that’s clipping through the front wheels - you might want to look it up. If you want design advice, you can send me a message if you want. Good luck!

I get that you made this in 4.1 - the mod body you are using has not been ported over to 4.2 yet.

Great way to welcome someone new - confuse them with pointless meanderings!

@VFAmotors Hello :smiley: I second @Thevicaug ‘s points about pictures and handles, didn’t notice the brakes. As for the design itself, I’ll be blunt as usual - I don’t like the look… but I definitely like that there are details, and there is some design idea. Those things are nice, and not necessarily obvious in new players’ cars.