VG33's Garage! (Random UE4 Cars)

(Sigh) I know i know… 3 Car Topics already. But i couldn’t resist.


I have a LOT of cars in mind. Wich i can’t make in my Main companies (HTA/Emperor)

So… What is the idea i have in mind? Make a thread where i post Random cars!

Every kind of car that comes in my mind, i’ll build it and post it here! Without worrying about My main companies Lore.

So… Take a seat, Get comfy and let’s get started!

Here’s a little thingy i made. Ladies and gentlemen! I present you… The!!

(2019 Posher 976) "Not a Porsche, But a Posher…"

Only REAL Rich men Drive Posher. (Yes, i tried to make a Porsche replica, can i get a cookie?)

With only TwinTurbo Boxer 6 Engines (Because there aren’t Single Turbos e_e). Mounted in the middle of the Light AHS Steel Chassis.

With that engine layout, you may think this will be a True Over-steering bitch like a porsche would be.
But it’s Very driver friendly thanks to the Front Biased AWD system.

Why a Boxer 6 and not a V6 you may ask? Because it has lower center of gravity than a V6 or an Inline engine
(I didn’t saw that subaru commercial, i swear!)

(Cough Cough) as i was saying. It only uses TwinTurbo 3.6 Litre Boxer 6 engines.
With 430HP. For

With magnesium 8 Spoke rims. For… Nothing. They just look cool.

With 36mpg. Not bad, But… Why have a fuel economy That good on a High-Perfomance car?
Even Posher engineers dont know.

Inside… You get all the Posher quality. Heated Seats and Steering wheel, Posher F-Shift System,
7 inch Posher Info with Apple carplay.

The Tyres and Brakes Grip and stop the car just fine

Along with the Posher Computarized Sport Suspension. This car is like a Gift from god.

New Posher 976… Now at your local Posher Dealer

Starting at 78.500 US$ (67.150€)

Spec Sheet Here. (Yes, The spec sheet system is back!)
  • Chassis: Light AHS Steel Monocoque with Fibre glass panels

  • Weight: 1290kgs

  • Engine: (TBG36) Straight-Piped ALSi 3.6L DOHC-24 TwinTurbo Boxer 6.

  • Recommended Fuel: Premium.

  • Power: 422-430HP. 610-620 Nm Torque.

  • Drivetrain: 58F/43R AWD, Posher 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

  • Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Double Wishbone (Rear)

  • Interior: Sport interior with Premium Posher Info.

Coming up next, 1955 Fascia Griffo!


Posher, thats not related to any real world company by any chance? I must be mistaken.

Good job on this though, good detailing.

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(1955-1968 Fascia Griffo)

Fascia is A car company from italy. (similar to Alfa Romeo) Founded in 1954.

Their first, and the most iconic car to come out of this company was The griffo.

A very affordable Light sport Coupe. Using their "Griffoglio" engine series.

With 110HP, coming from a 2.0L DOHC 8v I4. it may sound like it’s nothing but the car weights just 790kgs.

You could get one with a 2-speed automatic tranmission or a 4 speed manual.

But DONT you think Just because it is lightweight it will go fast. Nope, As it passes from 0-100 in 11 agonizing Seconds.

Photo Time!

Spec sheet here!

Chassis: Galvanized steel monocoque with Fibre glass panels

Weight: 790kgs

Engine: (Griffoglio 2.0) 2.0L Cast-iron DOHC 8v I4

Aspiration: Double DCOE Carburetor N/A

Power: 110HP. 140-160Nm torque

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Double Wishbone (Rear)

Brakes: Drum 2LS (Front) Drum SLS (Rear)

0-100: 11 Seconds

interior: Standard interior with Single speaker Basic AM Radio

Test drives here!

'55 Fascia Griffo - (35.4 KB)

Here’s the griffo’s files. Only the manual, because the automatic one Sucks.

Required workshop mods:



(2019 Posher Caycane XXT, 986, and 976 E-mission)

Because… Well… Posher.

Posher enters again to the Market of luxury SUV’s. With their New Caycane.

With a New TwinTurbo 6.0L V12, With the same smoothness of the Old 4.2L V8.

Oficially, one of World’s fastest SUV’s. with a 0-100 Time of 3.60 seconds

But, you may ask. Why the Piked chromed Skid-ray on the front bumper?
Welp, Nothing. Just an exaggeration.

The name “caycane” was A mixing of the names “Cayman” And “Cayenne” Except, it doesn’t look like a cayman. it looks completely like a Drunk Cayenne Rip-off.

Spec Sheet here (Caycane)

Chassis: Light AHS Steel Monocoque with Aluminum panels

Engine: (FV12) 6.0L DOHC 48v ALSI V12

Aspiration: Twin Turbo-Charger Direct Injection. (Premium fuel is recommended)

Power: 510HP. 700+Nm torque

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) MultiLink (Rear)

Drivetrain: 56F/44R AWD, Posher 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Brakes: 6 Piston Vented Discs (Front) 4 Piston Vented Discs (Rear)

0-100: 3.60 Seconds (On “S” Mode.)

Weight: 2001kgs (Apparently)

Interior: Luxury Interior. 6 Speaker Luxury HUD with Posher info (With Apple car play included)

Posher oficially released the Sport version of their 976.

The 986 Haves a more powerful version of the TBG36 Boxer-6 engine.

With a power increase of 230HP (652 HP), Stiffer Suspension, A wing, Carbon-ceramic brakes, and More vents for extra cooling.

The characteristic Posher Vine color was a 200US$ Option

Spec Sheet here (986)

Chassis: Light AHS Steel Monocoque with Fibre glass panels

Engine: (TBG36-B) Straight-Piped ALSi 3.6L DOHC-24 Boxer 6

Aspiration: Twin Turbo-Charger Direct Injection (Premium fuel is recommended)

Power: 652HP, 748 Nm Torque

Drivetrain: 58F/43R AWD, Posher 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Double Wishbone (Rear)

0-100: 3.40 Seconds. (On paper)

Brakes: 4 Piston Vented brakes (Front) 3 Vented brakes (Rear).

Weight: 1320kgs

Interior: Sport interior, 4 Speaker Premium Posher Info.

Finally, We have the 976 E-Mission. A true sport car for Tree-huggers

With a Naturally Aspirated TBG36 With 240HP Along with a Bopsh Electric motor giving 210HP.
Giving 450HP in total.

But sacrificing Comfort for weight reduction, Compared to the regular 976 This one haves 1013kgs less.

Rims and callipers painted in Bright green, For aesthetic.

For now. it just stays as a concept.
And the one you’re looking right now, it’s a prototype. Parked at Posher’s Headquarters.

(No information about the E-Mission At all.)

This took me a Shit load of time to write. e_e


(1990-1998 GAMC Covrette)

A sport car, or a muscle car? Why not both? That’s how the covrette was created

Created by GAMC (Generic American Motors Corporation)

The car was powered by the LB6 Engine, A super tuneable 6 litre DOHC V8 developing 370HP
A mix of the LS and the LT5 engine series

0-100 in less than 6 seconds and a fuel economy of 20mpg. Not bad, but not necessary.

Now there is a limited edition of the covrette, Based on the Corvette ZR1.
i just added 40HP (410HP) more, and called it. “LF1”

But, seriously. You wont like how does it drive

This car is unstable as fuck. i already tested it in beamng. The rear wheels spin like crazy due to the inmense torque and power
You steer a little and you end up kissing the wall. The tyres grip like they’re were made of wood.
Really one of my hardest cars to drive. but, atleast it does burnouts and donuts very well!

Moar Photos!


Spec sheet here (Covrette LF1)

Chassis: Galvanized steel with fibre glass panels

Engine: (LB6) Straight piped Aluminum 6.0L DOHC 32v 90 V8

Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated Multi-Point EFI (Premium fuel recommended)

Power: 410HP. 540Nm torque (Seriously, Too much power :s)

Drivetrain: RWD, Kaffini 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Double Wishbone (Rear)

0-100: 4.60 Seconds (More or less…)

Brakes: 4 Piston Vented brakes (Front) 2 Piston Solid brakes (Rear) (ABS included)

Weight: 1235kgs

interior: Sport interior, Standard CD.

PM me if you want the car files.


Looks like a C4 (even the name is nearly identical) but the rear vents are more appropriate for a mid-engined car, and it has an actual grille up front.


( 1957 Posher 976 )

Considered one of the most beautiful cars of 1957

And the first car from the brand Posher. It features a Rear-mounted 153HP SOHC Boxer 6
Double wishbone suspension, Front Drum 2LS Brakes.

A very efficient and aerodinamic design.

It also features Medium compound tyres, and Wide rear tyres to prevent any Dangerous oversteering.

(I tried my best with the front. But kinda failed)

(976’s Flat 6 Engine)

(887kgs Galvanized Steel chassis.)

Spec Sheet here!

Chassis: Galvanized steel chassis, with aluminum panels.

Engine: (Posher-6) Cast-iron 2.8L SOHC 12v Flat-6 With Baffled Mufflers

Aspiration: Double DCOE Carburetor N/A (Regular Leaded fuel)

Power: 153HP. 167Nm torque

Drivetrain: RWD, Passetto 4 Speed Manual transmission (Made by HTA)

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Double Wishbone (Rear)

0-100: 6.78 Seconds

Brakes: Drum 2LS (Front) Drum SLS (Rear)

Weight: 887kgs

interior: Sport interior. Standard AM Radio

This car will be part of my future “VG’s Sport Classics” car pack!


I think your cars look good overall. I get the same. My last few releases haven’t been that popular.

I’d like to see them perform in BeamNG.


There’s a bit of overflow of threads and responses since the BeamNG export fuction. It gets harder to follow each thread, and while your designs are really well executed they are basically replicas. I prefer browsing the company threads with own designs (even if strongly inspired by real cars).

Jumping on the BeamNG band wagon, sharing the occasional .car file or a link to the exporter BeamNG mod might increase interest. As those replicas might be more fun to drive than they are to look at.

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@Private_Miros Thanks for sharing your opinion!

I’ll try to make more original Designs and names Instead of using parodies of real life companies.

i am working in a Car pack called “VG’s Sport classics”. Where i put my (in my opinion) Best Classic sport cars, if you’re interested. (The cars will come pre-exported in beamng)

Like this one for example.

(1951 Arkani T40 V12)

(3rd factory example painted in dark blue, Parked at the Gasmean Racing Conservatory)

Arkani is a gasmean car manufacturer founded in 1933.

They produce some of the most exclusive Sports cars in the world. Although their cars are not so popular, One of their most popular and exclusive cars, was the T40.

A very heavy Grand Tourer, With lots of luxury. and just 7 Examples made.

The suspension system was a Double wishbone and Semi trailing arm. Taking any person comfortably even in tight roads.

The differential haves manual locking, In case of a dangerous situation where high-perfomance is needed.

“The older the engine, the less efficient it is” also applies here.

Using a Pre-war 6.2L V12 , Previously used as a Tank engine, and using diesel, and Mounted almost in the middle of the car

The OHV valvetrain got replaced by a “more efficient” OHC system. Improving Power and a bit of fuel economy.

The only problem is it was heavy, unreliable, and very complex due to the new OHC valve-train.

And known for unexpectedly Explode, for an Unknown reason.

Using Yemuse Dual 2 Barrel Carburetors, Having a Low cam profile, Compression ratio (7.0:1), and Lean fuel mixture. You may think it is thirsty. and it is, But it is very torquey. producing over 440Nm of torque.

Pretty much a Junk motor. But very innovative for it’s time.

Spec sheet here (Engine)

Engine: (HG-12) Cast-iron 6.2L 24v V12 With Baffled Mufflers

Aspiration: Double 2-Barrel Carburetor N/A (Super Leaded fuel)

Power: 243HP. 440+Nm torque (Not 100% Confirmed, Since my game is a little buggy)

Moving to the driving, this car is quite weird at it’s limit. When you floor it, The rear wheels spin inneficiently, But not that much to make you spin. Due to the lack of a Limited slip differential.

The front brakes suck But it makes sense, Because they’re drum SLS brakes.

So… yes. you can drive it fast. This car is surprisingly easy to drive.

(Am i improving with my photos?)

Extra fact: This car was planned to be powered by a 7.0L V16 engine, But because of the budget due to the WWII consecuences, It had a Pre-war 6.2L V12 from a tank.

A HUGE car, to be honest

Spec Sheet Here (T40)

Chassis: Galvanized Steel monocoque. With Aluminum panels.

Drivetrain: RWD, 4 Speed Manual

Suspension: Double Wishbone (Front) Semi-Trailing arm (Rear)

0-100: 8.76 Seconds (Pretty slow)

Top Speed: 214km/h

Brakes: Drum SLS (Front) Drum SLS (Rear)

Weight: 1311kgs

What do you think? The “VG’s Sport Classics Pack” will contain 5 cars. And will be uploaded to


Yes, yes, I would.

Also the Arkani, maybe should compete in the 1952 Corso di Fruinia.


This thread is a little bit dead, No?..

Anyway, Here’s another car that doesn’t fit in my main company’s lore:

2010 Passetto Wrambler

A muscle-ish looking Race car. Inspired from some car From “Split Second”.

Quite Heavy, RWD, 5.9L DOHC Crossplane V8, And no Driving aids (Except ABS).
Very good for trackdays, Or even drifting with the correct setup.

Enjoy it!

Spec Sheet HERE


Passetto Wrambler - Track (35.8 KB)


Awesome! (otho, the 22 number angle placement in the right door being different than the one on the left is a bit awkward to see)

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2011 Cobretti Vortex

(Yes it’s actually based from Split/Second!)

6 Gears, 12 Cylinders, 12 injectors, 618 horses, 4 cams, 48 valves, and only 2 wheels being powered.

(it looked way better in my head…)

That’s all i have to say…

Spec sheets here


Cobretti Vortex - (31.4 KB)

(Mods i used for the fixtures here!)

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Steam Workshop::Falcon GT Exhaust
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Steam Workshop::shape carving bars
Steam Community :: Error

Please let me know what do you think! :wink:


1948 Jaffil M13 “Mustache mobile”

The M13 is a Cheap 4-door Sedan manufactured by Jaffil Automobile, Also known as “JAF”. It was meant to be a cheap fruinian post-war car. The car itself is VERY mediocre.

With a 72HP 2.1L I6 (Named as “junk I6” by me :joy:). It doesn’t offer a good fuel economy (17mpg), Nor a good driving experience either. But well, as i said before it’s mediocre.

The “Mustache” bumper in the front grill was material of many jokes on that time.

Let’s get onto the trims.


1948 4-Door

The car doesn’t offer anything impressive. As said before this car comes with a Smooth (And unreliable) 2.1L I6 with a 2 barrel carburetor. Giving 72HP, Along with a premium quality interior. You’d expect it is comfortable. But it’s not, With a poor handling. And terminal oversteer below 44km/h, and understeer above 59km/h. But it is quite fair if i am honest.

The only interesting feature about this car is it’s 16 second 0-100 time. Pretty impressive.

1948 5-door Wagon

Almost the same as the 4-door, But with a few extra kilograms (1011kgs). And an even worse fuel economy rating of 16.7mpg.

And a slower 0-100 time of 17 seconds. It doesn’t offer anything better than the 4-door version, Except for the extra cargo space.

I only recommend it if you seriously like surfing, and beach hangouts. :wink:

1949 2-door Sprint

My personal favourite!

The granny I6 got replaced by a V8!

Because… you know. V8’s make everything better, right?
The engine was a 5.1L OHV V8. With 150HP, and a sportier suspension setup, the 0-100 time got decreased to 9 seconds. and also the fuel economy got worse (12mpg). But… hey! If you want to have a V8 for a low price, it’s not bad at all!

2018 Over-Tuned

It doesn’t look good, It’s not so fast, And neither it haves good handling. But hey!, it’s still pretty cool, right?

With the same 5.1L of the “Sprint” model. But with 4 DCOE carburetors, TwinTurbos, Extremely aggressive cam profile, and over 37psi of boost. The result? Nothing, just a little bit above 850HP of course! But dont expect it’ll be easy to manage that power. Bang the rev limiter to avoid turbo lag and to get the maximum potential of the engine.

Also, 6 piston Carbon ceramic brakes that (literally) shake the car.

The Steel ladder frame just can’t keep up with the perfomance of the car. and the only technology i could install was an Anti-lock Braking System. But meh, It was fun to make it anyway.

Here are the links for them.

JAF M13 - Coupe - (31.1 KB)
JAF M13 - (30.3 KB)
JAF M13 - Over-Tuned (36.0 KB)
JAF M13 - (35.1 KB)

Enjoy! :grinning:


i have a bad boy for ya! :wink:

2013 Cobretti GT500 “62”

yes, there’s a street legal version, but i’ll post it later.

Sponsored by the “AIR corporation”.

The GT550 is a Big car, entirely made of carbon fibre, And and average weight of 1330+kgs.

So what is the problem with it? Really nothing. It haves the same STE80 Engine of the 1987 HTA SHT. Producing 695HP, and sending it to the four wheels. Except it is rear biased. And the Rear wings really do nothing.

It also does a lightning quick 0-100 time of 2.60 seconds

So… if you like yummy AWD drifts. i do recommend you this car.


Download link:

Cobretti GT500 - (40.1 KB)


1967 Fascia Marina Quattrovalvole

Model Over-look:

The Marina Quattrovalvole is a small Sport coupe built by the italian manufacturer Fascia Automobili, it is quite popular. But not because of it’s Duck-ish design like you’re expecting.

it is because of it’s unusual mechanical choices, Such as: 4 Wheel disc-brakes, Adjustable Hydropneumatic Suspension, Rear 1.6L engine Boxer 4 with DOHC and 16 valves, Fuel Injection, etc.

As the engine was mounted in the rear (like a porsche). because of that, it haves great space in the front trunk. And the rear tyres are significantly wider than the front to prevent any deadly oversteer.

Also, the engine offers a very low centre of gravity and it is very smooth, reliable, and fuel efficient.

It also competed in rally, Compiting in rally seasons from 1968 to 1972 Season. With a little bit of success.

Due to that, the car got a bit popular in the world of tuning. and got a little used in street racing.


Quattrovalvole - B4

The base/normal trim of the Marina, It features the “rare” suspension configuration (in automation atleast) of Mcperson struts in the 4 wheels. Also, Disc brakes in the 4 wheels, And Rear engine DOHC 1.6L Boxer 4 engine with Mechanical fuel Injection.

Producing 96HP, Nothing impressing. But with the extremely low weight of the car (739kgs), it is enough to rocket from 0-100 in just 9 seconds!

Also, Premium compound tyres and 4 speed manual transmission gearbox.

Definitely not your average grandpa’s car!

Quattrovalvole - Rally “89”

As said before, The marina competed in some rally championships. Seasons from 1968 to 1972 With variated positions, and even finished in first place once.

The “secret” for this, was a light modification to the engine, now producing 120HP. Weight reduction, Offroad tyres, Better suspension setup, and they got rid of the Hydropneumatic supension as it wasn’t necessary in rally.

The 4 speed transmission got a Short gears configuration to make it accelerate faster out low speed corners

On the cosmetic side, the most noticeable things you probably noticed are the missing bumpers, Yellow Foglights, White dual stripes, and the mudflaps.

Quattrovalvole - Turbo

In 1982, The marina was still very successful on sales, and Fascia wanted to Experiment with some of the 80’s new technologies, So they created a new update for the Marina.

So they took the engine, and added Multi-Point Fuel Injection, and TwinTurbos (Because there aren’t single turbos in the game yet.) Improving Efficiency, power, and torque.

Now reaching 100HP, The only thing that Ruins everything here are the plastic bumpers, and the new plastic mirrors.

Quattrovalvole - Street

2000’s came… And street racing got more popular, What more do i need to say?

Extremely Wide Tyres, Updated Suspension, Race-Tuned Boxer 4 engine now producing 150HP, “Wasco” 4-harness Bucket Seats, ABS, Wider Fenders, and 14’ Watannabe RS rims.

Now doing 0-100 in 6 and a half seconds. Interested yet?


Fascia Marina - (43.9 KB)
Fascia Marina - QuatroValvole (53.9 KB)
Fascia Marina - QuatroValvole (45.3 KB)
Fascia Marina - QuatroValvole (54.7 KB)

Yes, They’re missing one letter on the “Quattrovalvole” Part of the name, i didn’t notice it before.
But that’s extremely easy to fix.

Hope you enjoy! i am always open for suggestions.


Alright, who loves cheap shitboxes? If you just said “Me!” Then let me show you:

1980-1990 Illicit Alicate

In fruinia, Almost every teenager had an Alicate as their first car, Because of it’s low price and
because of it’s “Cool” looking.

So… that would explain why there are so many Alicates With big carboard wings, or vents…

A miserable cheap shitbox, that was made to take you from point A to point B cheaply. Nothing more…

Of course, This is not one of my favourite cars. As it is very slow, very underpowered, and it doesn’t even give a good fuel economy either…

But hey! it haves it’s good points: it is extremely reliable, Easy to repair and maintain, Cheap, and very simple.

It can carry 5 people comfortably (of course, if comfortably means a sub 10 points on comfort rating)

And this car is surprisingly easy to drive, Even with those shit hard-compound tires. It can corner very well. with a little bit of understeering (i think that’s common on FWD cars.)

Fitted with a 1.5L OHC Engine that makes 55HP, and matted to a 4 speed manual gearbox…
It keeps coughing until it’s top speed of 151km/h.

I’ve also made a trim fitted with the Nefek 1.8L 16v DOHC I4 Engine, Making 130HP. And with a sport suspension setup, This one is a little bit more decent than the base model.

Spec Sheets here (1.8 DOHC 16v version)



Also, here are the download links!

Illicit Alicate - DOHC (34.0 KB)
Illicit Alicate - (32.6 KB)

What do you think?


1952 Besffusci SJ40 Touring

“A Vintage Drift car?”

The SJ40 is a 2 Door Sport Sedan built by Beffusci Motors (a company i have been planning for a long time). The SJ40 is well known because his “Happy” rear end, Being able to Slide very easily at speeds above 40 km/h (Without an LSD, Surprisingly) and yet very easy to control.

Thanks to it’s suspension setup, Composed of All-around Double Wishbones.
Powered by a 2.7L DOHC 12v I6 making 140HP, Sending it to the rear wheels through a 3 speed manual gearbox with Short Gearing (Quite sucks, I should have added one more gear…), And premium compound tyres to ensure you make some Weird “Drifts”.

“I WaNt SoMe ViNtAgE DoRiFtO SeNsEi”

Download link:

Beffusci SJ140 - (33.5 KB)


Great looking car, like the specs too! Great era of cars.

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