VG's Garage (Reboot)

Welcome to my garage!

Hey there! It’s been a long time, eh? anyway, Welcome to my collection of Loreless Automation cars!

“Dude, what’s this?”

  • Since i dont like writing lores for car companies anymore, and some people are just looking for fun cars to drive in Beamng. i decided to post every original car and build i can make here for everyone to use freely!

  • Also, i think it is a great way to improve my cars when people from this forum test them and share with me what they think!

“And… what kind of cars will you post here?”

  • Basically, any kind of loreless vehicle i can imagine (or be able to make in-game), Sports cars, Daily-able Sedans, Trucks… Anything i create and feel it is good enough to post here. As well as other stuff i like making but wouldn’t like to make a whole lore to make said vehicle logically. Sometimes maybe you will see an absolutely insane car here, or maybe not, who knows? drop by from time to time and see if there’s anything new!

“Can i take one car and use it/tune it for some competition?”

  • absolutely! Just ask me first via DM and use any cars linked in this thread.

Just as an example, Here are some of the cars you will see here.
(some of these pictures were posted by me on discord :shushing_face: )


Love the pickup.

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The three cars you’ve shown us so far on this thread look quite nice. In particular, that blue mid-engined supercar in the top picture looks exactly like what a late-80s/early-90s vision of the future should be.

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1990 Mammoth GRX-3 Coupe & Coupe FT

a proper “Roof”? Hah… no.
Power windows? who needs them?
crumple zones? What?..
Seatbelts? PFFF…

This was the Newest, Most expensive, Fastest and Most tecnologically advanced Road car Mammoth has ever produced at the time. This car gets all the attention it wants with its High-tech Twin Turbo charged V10 and Carbon fiber and kevlar body.

It’s fast, it’s light, It’s quick, it’s slick, and its mid engined. as radical as it comes.

In performance it doesn’t fall short (Well… Duh), It can pull up to 1.20g’s on a 250m corner, do 0-62 in 3.4 seconds (With proper launch) and can do a 1/4 mile in 11.38 seconds!

Mods required (Found in the Steam workshop):

Caspita Super Body
Community Rim pack 1

Downloads (.car files): (44.6 KB)
Normal version (46.9 KB)
Easier to drive, but a lot heavier.


5 months later…

(1979-1985) Mammoth Gasel XT6

This one model is 1980 to be honest.

Your typical 1970’s or 1980-something american family mover that you probably saw on some comedy show.
Or the one car your uncle spends all day telling everyone “They dont make them like this anymore”

Initially tought to compete with cars like the AMC Eagle crossover.

Very simple, low tech american wagon.

simple suspension design with gas monotube dampers. No rear swaybar.

The Gasel comes with only one Engine option, The 3800 series by mammoth. Which is a De-stroked (Initially was a 4.0L) All cast-iron, weighting 230 (CHONK) kgs, 3.8L OHV 6 Cilinder engine with 146 HP and 272 Nm of torque at the crank.

Transmissions are nothing fancy, you could option it with either a Passetto™ 5 Speed manual
or a Torquematic™ 3 Speed automatic transmission with overdrive. (Which this specific model has)
Only with RWD.

Fast? its not.
Fun to drive? Neither. (it can be for some people)
Looks cool even by today’s standards? Absolutely!

“Are there any surviving examples aside from this one?” you may ask? well, Yes!
You can still see those on the road owned by either some grandpa/grandma or by that creepy guy who keeps stealing my mail… (Im looking at you, Rich!)

For this to work you need to have the 4.24 (open beta) version of the game.

You will also need Chickenbiscuit’s Patchwork mod: (64.7 KB)



So… i made this thing. what do ya think of its looks?

(this picture was like from 2 months ago, i am quite inactive lol)

its not yet finished

going to release soon